Saying YES to Hello Fresh!

One thing we love about exploring the world is experiencing amazing cuisine. Having a tasty meal and a good glass of wine with the one you love, maybe with a great view in front of you, is pretty incomparable in our books! 


But talk about a reality check when we get home!! One of our biggest struggles is finding our rhythm in the kitchen. We don’t really feel like cooking, few meals compare to the recent feasts we replay in our heads, and dishes are the BANE of our existence. Maybe a little too dramatic, but guys, the struggle is SO real. All that to say, when we recently came across Hello Fresh, we figured  why not?! Worth a try. And we've been hooked ever since! While we still aren’t huge fans of washing dishes, we wanted to share a few reasons why Hello Fresh has been the perfect fit for our lifestyle and our bellies. 


Hello Fresh helps us return to the rhythm of being home

As we said above, extravagant meals away from home spoil us and make us lazy. Before Hello Fresh, we'd have great intentions for cooking dinner at home on a weeknight... but when it got time to cook, we'd find a way to negotiate ordering take out instead. We'd end up spending more money than we wanted to on unhealthy food, and we'd usually eat in a rush.  Contrast that with Hello Fresh deliveries, the meals are HEALTHY, delicious, easy to make, and surprisingly fun to do together! While our plan is only 3 meals a week, that gets us used to being in the kitchen, and we often cook at least 2 more nights on our own! Some of our favorite "date nights" recently have consisted of cooking a Hello Fresh together and drinking our favorite bottle of vino!


Hello Fresh Makes Us Feel Like You’re Getting Better in the Kitchen (and we probably are!)

This leads us to one of our favorite things about Hello Fresh. It forces us to cook! The recipes are extremely easy to follow and require minimal culinary skill, but all the chopping and mincing and stirring has definitely improved our skills in the kitchen. You get to use ingredients you maybe didn’t know about, and you start to understand things that go together that you wouldn’t have thought of before (Kiwi in salsaCranberry mayo on a turkey burger?)! We find ourselves exploring ingredients on our own when we aren’t eating Hello Fresh meals. While we aren’t quite on their level at culinary pairings, we’re making progress. 

Hello Fresh is weeknight menu GOALS

We’re hoping that one day we can be as creative as the chefs at Hello Fresh. One of the best parts of getting the boxes is opening it up and seeing what they’ve thought of for the week (you can look in advance if you can’t handle the suspense). Bobby hates admitting it, but you really can’t go wrong with the traditional OR the vegetarian menu! The recipes have so much variety and flavor, and consistently satisfy our taste buds. We're serious when we say that we've genuinely LOVED all of our Hello Fresh meals thus far. Can all of our weeknights taste like this? 

Hello Fresh is reliable and FRESH

This is pretty straight forward, but it’s also really important. The Hello Fresh boxes have arrived on time every week, and we’re big fans of that. Also, the produce and other ingredients have consistently been extremely fresh - and most of the time organic! Initially we questioned how good the quality could be when the food is mailed to you in a box. But friends, it’s fantastic. The boxes have re-useable ice packs (we love this) that keep all your goodies cool, safe, and fresh. When you’re ready to give Hello Fresh a try, your food will be on time and delicious!


So what are you waiting for?! Give it a try! Use the code TRAVELINGNEWLYWEDS and get a discount on your next box. And send us a message or an email to tell us about your experience! Or... simply invite us over for dinner. ;)

Unforgettable Experience on Safari in Uganda - Photo Blog!

An African safari should be high on every bucket list. Seeing the sprawling, colorful landscapes along with the wildlife makes for an unforgettable adventure. When we were in Uganda in 2016, we had the opportunity to go on a safari in Murchison Falls National Park that we will never forget. While we did forget to post photos on our blog until now, we're thinking better late than never :) During our two day excursion, our good friend Eric took us on two game drives and also a day cruise on the Nile. We saw elephants, giraffes, warthogs, buffalo, hartebeests (antelope), hippos, nile crocodiles (terrifying), and bald eagles!

While all we had was our phones to take photos, we got some fun shots that we wanted to share. If you have a safari to recommend, we would love to hear about it! We're ready for another one!

Terme Di Saturnia - Maybe Our BEST 24 Hours in a Hotel

Last time we were in Italy we had the opportunity to stay with Terme Di Saturnia, a Leading Hotels of the World property. While we were only there for 1 night, it may have been one of our favorite hotel experiences ever. In Alli's words, "If I ever get very ill later in life, please bring me here to relax and recover." We are going to let the photos speak for themselves, but here is what you need to know: 

-Terme Di Saturnia sits surrounded by thermal springs that have been used for thousands of years, arguably the first spa and wellness retreat location!

-You are encouraged to wear a robe the whole time.

-The rooms are simple, have everything you need, including a super comfortable bed. 

-The restaurant at the hotel is AMAZING!

-If the natural springs aren't enough, they have a wonderful spa where you can receive a variety of pampering treatments :) 

Keeping it short... we will be back. 


Start Saving Even Before You Leave the Airport

In a past article here on Traveling Newlyweds, we showed how you can enjoy luxurious travel without spending a lot of money. While it's good to plan and monitor your expenses with regards to your destination, the practice of saving should start early on in your trip.

After all, anyone who travels wants to save money, and we’re always looking for ways to save in everything we do. From the hotel and accommodations to the food we eat, travelers in general want to find the most affordable choices possible, but what we don’t always realize is that we can save money even before we leave the airport. 

Airports are notorious for being non-budget friendly places. The items, including food, are generally expensive, with Boarding Area reporting that it’s because even restaurants and retail stores have to pay fees to the airport for operating. “Airports as public entities make things more expensive too,” they write. “There are often monopoly suppliers of certain goods that all restaurants are restricted too.”

But of course, aside from restraining yourself from buying things at the airport, there are other ways to save as well, including:

1. Taking the Express Train

Whenever people travel to the airport, they either ask friends and family to take them, or take taxis, as they’re more convenient. However, many people forget that most airports now have their own express railways. For example, Singapore Changi Airport has a train station that’s accessible by foot from two of its terminals, with the first train arriving at 5:26am and the last departing at 11:18pm. Many people often forget this, but it’s a very convenient way to get to the airport.

2. Choosing Long Stay Parking

There are still many travelers who take their cars to the airport, especially those who are coming from somewhere relatively far from the air hub. If you’re driving yourself to the airport and staying away from home for a few days, airports also have options that allow you to stay frugal. As a point of reference, London’s Gatwick Airport has both short stay and long stay parking, according to the information on airport parking resource Parking4less. Gatwick also has a meet and greet option that can work for passengers in a hurry, and its parking lots also have shuttles that go straight to the airport. This is generally the same across all leading airports, especially in Europe so make sure you do your research well before you set off on your travels.


3. Only Exchanging a Small Amount of Money

Convenience tends to cost a lot, which is why, if at all possible, you should exchange your currency pre-departure. Foreign exchange booths at the airport charge two fees: a service charge on top of a high currency exchange rate. To avoid such hefty costs, travel expert Krystin Arneson suggests that you exchange just enough to get you into town so that you can search for reputable international services like Western Union. It also might be slightly cheaper to withdraw cash from a local ATM depending on your bank, as each financial institution has their own rates for foreign charges.


Traveling doesn't always have to be an expensive hobby, as you can find small ways to save on even the most trivial things. Follow these three tips, and you’ll find that traveling isn’t as expensive as you first thought.