Walking All Over San Francisco

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in San Francisco. From the Golden Gate Bridge, to Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Union Square… there are endless sights to see! One could easily spend two weeks in the city and still feel like they need more time! That being said, it IS possible to explore San Francisco in a day or two. Just make sure you do your research and wear good shoes (we walked 17 miles in 24 hours)! As we said with New York, the best way to see the city is through the locals eyes, so make some friends and ask for recommendations! Here’s just a few of our favorite spots:

The Clift: We love this hotel for many reasons. The modern decor, the comfy beds, the central Downtown location, the accommodating staff… it’s a Bay Area gem! The Clift is also home to the historic Red Room bar and lounge. Its gorgeous wood walls come from the wood of ONE redwood tree! Unreal! Make sure you utilize the Clift’s concierge, as ours was extremely helpful, and had two pages of incredible recommendations for us.

The Mill: The best toast you will ever have. Maybe that doesn’t sound enticing, but you have to try it to believe it. The Mill gets its’ name from the mill they use to make the bread. Throw in a cup of Four Barrel Coffee, and you have a breakfast to remember! We loved the almond butter and honey (notice how it was served), but we’re confident you can’t go wrong here.



Tartine Bakery & Bar Tartine: Since we’re on the topic of bread… it would be criminal to visit San Francisco without stopping by Tartine Bakery. It has been coined one of the most influential bakeries in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Started by a husband and wife duo, (woot woot!!) Chad and Elisabeth Robertson in 2002, Tartine is home to some of our favorite baked goods.  Don’t let the long lines sway you - it’s well worth the wait! Two words: morning bun. Don't leave Tartine without one. Or five.


Philz Coffee: In Phil’s words, “Frank Sinatra was born to sing, and Phil Jaber was born to make coffee.” We couldn’t agree more. Each cup of coffee is made individually, like a pour-over, but somehow they do it better. If you're a coffee buff, Phil is definitely a coffee experience you won’t want to miss! (There are several Philz locations throughout downtown San Francisco - we used Yelp to see what was closest.)


Jane on Fillmore:  A small neighborhood cafe on Fillmore, Jane’s is a spot that San Francisco locals flock to...  and for good reason! The food, Stumptown coffee, and ambiance are all amazing, (not to mention an Instagrammer’s dream)! Jane's is our favorite for a light breakfast!