The Time is Now...

We kicked off 2017 with matching Daniel Wellington watches. We have both wanted new watches for awhile now, but we're the WORST when it comes to decision making. (Especially when it comes to fashion choices!)

While we were in Japan, we visited a Daniel Wellington store in Tokyo. That's when we knew we had found EXACTLY what we'd been wanting for so long. Classic design, elegant yet laid back style, and designer qualify at a fraction of the price. Alli picked the Classic Black style and Bobby went with the Classic Bristol, and we haven't taken them off since!

Not only are watches a timeless statement piece, (get it?! ) but they really do come in handy when it comes to travel. There's moments where our phones are dead or out of reach, and being able to check the time on our wrist (what a monumental idea!) truly helps. Plus we get a weird satisfaction when we manually change the times as we cross from one time zone to another. I guess you could say that it makes traveling the world feel that much more real. 

We realize there are a lot of watch companies and brands out there to choose from, but we urge you to give Daniel Wellington a try. Not only is their style and design right on the money (obsessed) but their quality - at such an affordable price - is unheard of! (And you know we're all about a good deal!)

If you've been wanting a watch, don't wait. The time is now. And you'll get 15% off with the code NEWLYWEDS... so yolo!! ;)

Daniel Wellington #danielwellington