The Couch That Dreams Are Made Of

We've been wanting a new couch for what feels like forever. When we got married we invested in a cheap white Ikea couch because a) we didn't have a lot of money, and b) white goes with everything, right? Well folks, if we have one word of advice for engaged and newly married couples, it's this: 




Trust us. Don't do it. They're so pretty and chic and fresh but a few years (even a few months!) in, and you WILL regret it. You'll have friends over and they'll spill wine, you'll buy a puppy and when you're not looking she'll track mud across the cushions, you'll be eating a popsicle and it will drip... You get the picture.

So, back to our story. We started the long and treterous couch hunt and we quickly realized we were in way over our heads. Good couches are so expensive, and it seemed like all of the cheaper options weren't very stylish, and more or less just looked cheap. It felt foolish to spend our life savings on a sectional, but we didn't want to buy another Ikea couch. (No offense, Ikea!) We felt trapped. 


Until we heard about Burrow.


Not only is the style of couch exactly what we were looking for, it was affordable, the online process was a breeze, and their customer service was oh-so-friendly. Oh, and get this. Every couch comes with a plug-in station so you can charge your phone while you watch your favorite TV show (The Office, always). Did Burrow just invent the PERFECT COUCH?! We think so.

We opted on the Chaise King Sofa in Beige, and in just a matter of weeks, it was delivered to our door! (That's right - your couch comes delivered to you!) Now, we have to admit that the thought of assembling a couch seemed daunting (Ikea flashbacks) but we really cannot stress how EASY the building process was. Our entire sectional was put together in under 30 minutes... Mostly by Bobby by himself!! (I had the task of documenting the process - see said images below)

Now we've our Burrow for a little over a month, we can confidently say that we LOVE IT. Like, it's kind of embarrassing how obsessed with our couch we are. We've been invited to friends houses multiple times and we've declined, simply because we'd rather hang on our couch! (Sorry friends that are reading this, we'll come over soon we promise!)

Here's what we love about it so far: 

+ It's spacious. Bobby can fully lay down across the couch and I can fully lay on the chaise - and we don't even come close to touching. That's huge.

+ It's the perfect amount of soft/firm. We like a couch that has structure, but we also want something that's cozy and soft. The Burrow team really nailed this.

+ It's easy to clean. While we're still having flashbacks about our white couch, this one is a night and day difference. The fabric is stain-resistant making it incredibly easy to manage... Praise be!!

+ The charger station. It's a game-changer... or should we say, game-charger?! ;) Since we work from home a lot, and we're constantly on our phones, it really is a huge help for our business. (And for stalking Bachelorette contestants on Monday nights. Duh.)

In short, we love our Burrow. We think you would too. So much so, that we dedicated a whole blog to it!! If and when you're on the market for a new couch, we highly recommend Burrow - and make sure you tag us in your pics! We'd love to see how you style yours!


(And don't worry, as we continue to "upgrade" our living room, we'll be sure to post pics and updates along the way. And you know that we'll be posting those from our Burrow couch. While charging our phone. And drinking wine. Because we can. #nomorewhitecouch)