Flying the Q Suite LAX to Doha :: Believe the Hype

If you’re an aviation junkie like us, chances are you’ve heard about Qatar Airways new QSuite. It’s revolutionized and challenged traditional business class seats, and has been named World’s Best Business Class by Skytrax. Well, folks, Qatar Airlines has just brought the QSuite to LAX - and we had the honor of going on their inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Doha! That’s right - little ol’ US! We’re still not sure how we even qualified for such an incredible and momentous occasion, but that’s besides the point. Our trip was amazing. The QSuite is amazing.

Here’s why:


It’s rare that we find airplane food worth writing about, but the meals we ate while flying in the QSuite were consistently amazing. (And considering we were inflight for 16 hours each way, we tried almost everything on the menu!) Qatar Airways has an on-demand a la carte menu, where you can order what you want, when you want it. You say the word and they’ll “set the table” with white linens, fancy plates and flatware, and even a sparkling candle! Sure, the table setting is impressive, but the real winner is the cuisine. Some of the highlights were:

Signature Arabic Mezze

It’s hummus, tabbouleh, and moutabel served with freshly toasted Arabic bread - and it’s absolutely heavenly. We were blown away by how fresh it is, and how flavorful each dip was. It was some of the smoothest, creamiest hummus we’ve ever had.

Steel-Cut Oats Served With Berries And Cream

Who knew oatmeal could be this delicious? We like to joke that you can judge a place based on the quality of their oatmeal, and if that’s the case, Qatar Airways gets five stars. It’s hearty and delicious and has the perfect amount of “sweet”.

Seared Halibut

The main courses that we were served in the QSuite would easily rival a popular restaurant in LA, both in presentation and taste! The Seared Halibut was one of our favorites, served with steamed pumpkins, saffron veloute, and roasted kipflers. The fish was cooked perfectly (how do they even DO that on a plane?!), and the flavors all paired wonderfully together.

Yummy Mezze platter!


A quick flip through the extensive wine and beverage menu, and we quickly realized we were in for a treat. From the welcome glass of sparkling “Atair” Brut Rose, to “Spier” an oaky and zesty South African Chardonnay, to Bobby’s favorite, the Old Fashioned (with Woodford Whiskey and Angostura bitters), everything Qatar Airways serves is premium.


To most people, a 16 hour flight sounds a lot like hell. And we’ve been there. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a cramped space for a significant amount of time. All you want to do is lay down, stretch out, snuggle up with a comfy pillow, and SLEEP. On the QSuite you can do just that, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Not only do the seats lay completely flat, but if you’re traveling with your significant other, they turn into a double bed. We’re serious. It’s amazing. Not only that, you can close the doors on either sides of your seat for total privacy. Turn on the “DND” (Do Not Disturb) button, grab your eye mask and earplugs, and you’ve got the dream airplane situation - literally!


Cozy pajamas from The White Company, 21.5-inch entertainment monitors (with almost limitless entertainment options), and BRIC amenity kits stocked with Castello Monte Vibiano skincare products… the amenities in the QSuite are top notch. Even the restrooms are glitzy and clean - and surprisingly spacious!

The bathrooms are AMAZING!


We can’t say enough about the Qatar Airways staff. From the warm greeting when we checked in, to calling us by name in-flight (and even giving us recommendations and advice on our stay in Qatar), they truly went above and beyond in every way. We felt special. We felt valued. We felt like family. It’s not often you can say that about an airline.

There’s a reason why Qatar Airways continues to lead the way as one of the best airlines in the business, and we get it now. They understand their customers, and they aim to please. We saw this firsthand in the QSuite, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to innovate and perfect their in-flight experiences. They’re killing it already!

If you want to fly in the QSuite, but are hesitant due to the price, there are ways to cut the cost.

48 Hours in Doha, Qatar


It’s not a destination you hear about often, unless you’re a frequent international traveler. The Hamad International Airport (DOH) is one of the best in the world (currently ranked #5), and it handles more than 30 million travelers every year. That’s a lot of people!

Chances are you’ve passed through the airport once or twice during your travels, but have you ever thought about extending your stay? After having spent the past few days exploring Doha, we HIGHLY suggest you do. From five star hotels, opulent shopping malls, man-made islands, and a bustling foodie scene, this country is growing rapidly - and it’s truly a sight to see!

Here’s what you should see, do, and eat in Doha, if you have only 48 hours to explore!


We could write a blog just about the vast array of shopping in Doha, Qatar. From extravagant and glitzy malls like The Villaggio (think the Forum shops in Las Vegas, times ten), to hip boutiques and local designers, this wealthy capital has it all. Our favorite place to shop (and dine) however, is the iconic Souq Waqif.

The Souq Waqif is an open-air street market, and it’s old world Arabia at its finest. Adventure through the maze of narrow alleys and lively squares, where you’ll find everything from Beduin weavings, to handicrafts, jewelry, bronze figurines, spices, birds, bunnies, and more! Try “Karak” from a local vendor - it’s a spiced chai that’s very popular in Qatar, and we drank it numerous times a day!


There is no end to luxury hotel accommodations in Qatar - and they’re surprisingly affordable! We stayed at the elegant Shangri-La Doha, located right in the heart of downtown Doha. It averages at a little over $200/night, which is a steal for a five-star property. We loved how they greeted us with coffee and dates upon arrival, and the luxe breakfast buffet was a welcomed treat when we were up early due to jet lag!

Next time we go to Qatar, we want to stay at the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, located on an island just a short boat ride away from Doha. Stunning rooms, private beaches, luxe pools, dining, and more… is it too early to book our next trip back?

Stunning lobby of the Shangri-La

The Shisha Garden Bar at the Shangri-La

Tons of space at the Shangri-La. And insane views!


Oh, the food in Qatar. It’s safe to say we never went hungry, as every restaurant we went to seemed to be tastier than the last. And portion control is definitely not a thing on this side of the globe! Get ready to eat your weight in hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, chicken, lamb… you name it, we ate it. (Insider tip: don’t fill up on the dips and pita bread that they serve you upon arrival - there’s at least another course or two to come!)

While we’re convinced you can’t go wrong no matter where you eat in Doha, here’s a few spots that we suggest checking out:

Al Mourjan

If the weather is nice, there’s no better spot in the city for waterfront dining than Al Mourjan. Grab a seat at their outdoor patio, order a round of refreshing “Lemon Mint” drinks (a local favorite), and enjoy their fresh and hearty Lebanese food. Take your time and enjoy the views… It’s heavenly!

City views from our table at Al Mourjan

Our crew for the week!

Love a good Lemon Mint

Spice Market

One of the most well-known and celebrated restaurants in Doha is Spice Market, a South East Asian restaurant located in the W Hotel and Residences. The ambiance alone is reason to come here, with its vibrant lights and cozy booths. However, the real star of the show here is the food - it’s flavorful, creative, and served family style. Don’t leave without trying the Cinnamon Ice Cream for dessert!

Ard Canaan

From the moment you walk into Ard Canaan, it feels as though you’ve stepped into a different world.  You get a strong sense of Palestinian culture by the food, spices, and interior design - even the bathrooms here are beautiful! Try the Ard Canaan Kibbeh and the Eggplant Fattah, and their fresh juices are delicious too! This was our first time having Palestinian food - and we absolutely loved it!


You’ll feel like royalty dining in this opulent Iranian restaurant in the heart of the Souq Waqif! From the moment you walk through the sparkling entryway, Parisa will dazzle you with its glimmering decor and friendly service. The menu is as delicious as it is extensive, and the portions are extremely hearty. Come hungry - and don’t forget your camera!

Dreamy entry to Parisa

Parisa from the second floor looking down on the dining room


You can’t visit Qatar without seeing the Arabian desert. Book a Half Day Desert Safari that will undoubtedly leave you in awe. You’ll fly through the dunes, see the ‘Inland Sea’ and the Saudi Arabia border, ride camels, and score dozens (if not hundreds) of epic photos. And if you have time during your desert excursion, stop at the Regency Sealine Camp for a dip in the Persian Gulf, and an extravagant Arabian lunch!

Taking a break from flying around the dunes!

The Arabian Sea is really salty and it’s SO easy to float! The best!


Sure, this may not be the most “conventional” attraction in Doha, but it’s an awesome way to see the city! Blue Pearl Experience offers 90-minute kayak rides around The Pearl, a man-made island off the West Bay Coast. The Pearl is one of the “Most Glamorous Addresses” in the Middle East, and features stylish yacht-lined marinas, luxury shopping, fancy residential towers, and more. You’ll see it all by kayak - and even catch a stunning glimpse of the Doha skyline.

Downtown Doha skyline in the background

Traditional Dhow boat in the Pearl


Located in the MIA Park (which is worth walking around as well) on it’s own purpose-built island, The Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural masterpiece. The exterior alone is breathtaking, and its structure beautifully mimics the Nicab worn by Muslim women. Inside you’ll find the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, a cafe, gift shop, and one of the best fine dining restaurants in Qatar, IDAM. Give yourself at least a solid hour or two to explore the museum, as there’s a lot to see!

Loved exploring the MIA with our tour guide

A Jeweled Falcon created with Gold, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and onyx. Insane!

A stunning carved emerald


Camel racing has been a part of the Qatari lifestyle and tradition for centuries, and since the early since the early 1970’s it’s become a competitive sport and a multi-million dollar business. Robot jockeys are strapped to the camels backs, and are controlled by their owners (driving in their cars along the track). It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s CRAZY fun to watch!!

The Al Shahaniya Camel Racing Track is an hour drive from Doha, so we suggest having a local tour guide take you there. The races are free, and run from October-February.


The sunsets in Doha are beautiful, and there’s no better spot to catch them than on a “dhow”, a traditional Qatari sailing boat. Head to the Corniche, Doha’s waterfront promenade where you’ll find an array of dhows to choose from. Simply approach its captain and barter a fee - if you’re lucky, you just might have the boat all for yourself!

Depending on how much time you have, other places that are worth a visit are Katara Cultural Village, the National Museum of Qatar, and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art. And if we’ve missed any must-see spots, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

Can’t get over these views!

We’ll definitely be back to Qatar soon - and you better believe we’ll be flying Qatar Airways when we do! (Qatar Airways offers some really enticing stopover opportunities, where you can go on desert safaris and stay at five-star hotels for a fraction of the cost! See this link for more information.)

New Levels of Comfort on LATAM Airlines

New Levels of Comfort on LATAM Airlines

We’ve become sticklers when it comes to flying. With how many bad experiences we’ve had and horror stories we’ve heard, we like to stick to the airlines that we know. It’s very rare that we fly anything new, and when we do, it’s usually because the deal was too good to pass up.

As we began planning our trip to Argentina and Chile, we started researching airlines and came across LATAM Airlines. It appeared to be the trusted airline for South America, and when it came to the reviews, people seemed to love it! So we thought, why not… let’s give LATAM airlines a go. And boy, are we glad we did!

Squashing Those "In-Flight Fears" With Alaska Airlines

It goes without saying that we fly. A lot. 

Whether we’re flying domestic or international, we’re some of the few that actually really enjoy air travel. We love the thrill of arriving at the airport, checking our bags, and exploring the terminal before we take off. We get a kick out of people watching, catching up on magazines, and having a glass of wine while we watch reruns of “Friends” on the plane. But we realize we’re not normal. 

For MANY people flying on an airplane is matched with anxiety, stress, and fear. That fear literally hinders millions of people from exploring the world - which breaks our hearts! We get emails all the time from couples that want so desperately to travel but have reservations when it comes to flying on a plane. Today we’re going to talk about our most recent experience in the air with Alaska Airlines, in hopes that we can calm some of those fears, as: 

  1. Flying truly is one of our FAVORITE parts of our trips
  2. Choosing which airline you travel with makes all of the difference



One of the worst parts of flying can be the check in / boarding process. People pushing each other in line, disorganization, carry-on bags rolling over your toes, etc. We’ve seen things get scary. 

However, we can honestly say that EVERY time we have flown with Alaska the check in and boarding process has been quick, easy, and orderly. Their systems are flawless, the check-ins are efficient, and the ticket agents are extremely accommodating and friendly. Which leads us to our next point…



We really can’t say enough about the incredible Alaska Airlines staff. (Shout out to Holly!) They are truly the kindest, most helpful people we’ve met in the skies. We’ve seen them bend over backwards to help their guests, they have the best senses of humor (seriously - they’re always laughing!), and they are so thoughtful in every situation. 

We just returned from a trip to Costa Rica with Alaska, and when the attendants heard that it was Alli’s birthday, they surprised us with a tray of champagne, chocolates, and pilots wings!! We have NEVER seen that kind of attentive behavior from another airline! Before we can even say a word the attendants are there to re-fill our drinks, offer us snacks, or make sure we’re comfortable. When you fly with Alaska it feels like you’re flying with family. And we love that.



The food on Alaska Airlines is GOOD. Whether you’re flying first class or economy, you won’t be disappointed. 

On our way to Costa Rica we flew economy, and decided to share one of the famous “snack trays” we’d heard so much about. Inside was chips, hummus, crackers, almonds, olives, dark chocolate, and more! It was filling, delicious, and HEALTHY. We liked it so much that we ordered another!!

On our flight home from Costa Rica we flew first class, and were blown away by the food and service. We drank delicious wine, had a fresh and tasty salad, stuffed roast beef with mashed potatoes, and a TDF (to die for) strudel dessert with kiwis. IT WAS SO GOOD! We’ve had some pretty questionable airplane food in our days of travel, but this folks, you just can’t even compare. We’d order it at a restaurant!!



We repeat, THE CHAIRS ARE COMFY. This is huge. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long flight. Alaska takes pride in their fleet, and it shows. No matter where your seat is on the plane, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. It’s roomy, pleasant, and every seat comes with an outlet to charge your phone! Beyond that, the “Alaska Beyond” In-Flight entertainment is solid. We were able to watch some of the new releases we’d been dying to see, and even play some of our favorite card games! Alli was actually SAD when the announcement came on that the flight was almost home! She didn’t want the trip to end!!



We arrived home from Costa Rica raving about Alaska to our friends and family, and we haven’t stopped! From the check-in process to the customer service, to the entertainment and “comfort factor”, we really could not have had a better experience. We were too busy having fun to even begin to stress about “in-flight fears” and we know the same would be for you! Alaska, thank you for making our trip to Costa Rica so enjoyable and stress-free. We can’t think of a better way to begin and end our vacation!


And for those of you that have a fear of flying, we hope this blog opens your eyes to how much fun air travel can be. We challenge you to book a flight with Alaska and see what a difference this airline can make - and then let us know your thoughts!! We have a feeling you’ll be obsessed too. ;)

Thank you to Alaska Airlines for sponsoring this post!

The Pros HEAVILY Outweigh the Cons for South African Airways, Trust Us.

Spoiler alert... there are no real cons. 

We recently had an INCREDIBLE trip to South Africa, and are dreaming of the day we can head back. We flew there on South African Airways, and wanted to take some time to share the pros and cons of this airline with you. Let us see if the pros outweigh the cons, and if we can get you to book a trip with SAA for your next great adventure.



-SAA has been voted the “Best Airline to Africa” by various leading travel publications. SAA stands out among it’s competitors, and makes you feel you are flying in style. Because they are a large airline, they are able to have the fastest routes to their destinations in Africa. It is a LONG journey to Africa, and flying non-stop from the U.S. is the best way to do it. SAA will take you non-stop to Johannesburg from both New York and Washington D.C.

-The food is delicious, they have a great wine selection, and their entertainment system is stocked with movies, TV, and games.

-They take you to South Africa. How obvious of a Pro is that? We’re sorry, but we just have to drive this point home. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From Table Mountain, to Stellenbosch, to Boulder’s Beach, there are so many magical places to visit there.

-The lounges are LEGIT. We had the opportunity to do some serious lounging during our time flying with SAA. In New York, we loved the lounge where we could sit with mimosas and watch the planes take-off. Their JFK lounge was quiet, uncrowded, and was a great stopover before heading to South Africa. When we landed in Johannesburg the first time we had a short layover before heading to Cape Town, so we spent some time in the SAA Domestic Lounge. It was hip! Great coffee and atmosphere! We spent the majority of our time (probably more than 12 hours during our whole journey) in the SAA International Lounge. We were obsessed. An awesome selection of food and drinks, a marvelous place to shower, and La-Z-Boys. Yes, that’s right, La-z-boy recliners. We spent hours reading, indulging in snacks, and sleeping in these chairs. Those chairs may have been our favorite part of lounge life. With so much time spent there, there were some stretches where it was pretty crowded. SAA has done a great job designing this lounge with multiple rooms and partitions, so even when it is busy it feels quiet and private. All in all, SAA has a strong offering of lounges that makes traveling more comfortable and adds to the luxury of your vacation.

-Lounge life continues on the plane… While we’ve already talked about the planes, the leg room on SAA has to be mentioned on it’s own. SAA has the most legroom in Economy Class of ANY airline to Africa. So even though we weren’t able to get in Business class, Bobby’s long legs were able to fit comfortably.

 So there are 5 Pros. How about some Cons.



-Unless you are moving to South Africa, you’re going to have to leave eventually.

 -The plane ride from the USA to South Africa is long. Let’s be honest, it’s a really long flight. But we actually didn’t really care, because we had a great time on our flight. But we just figured we should acknowledge it is a long ride.

-After flying SAA, you will be disappointed if you fly any other airline to Africa. South African hospitality is a real thing. South Africans are so friendly, warm, and hospitable that no other airline will be able to come close to your experience with SAA.

-Did we already say that you have to leave South Africa?

The pros heavily outweigh the cons for South African Airways… trust us. Do yourself a favor and book with SAA today!