Japanese Food-venture!

Culture, Food, Style, Transportation… Japan blew our minds across the board. We decided we should probably show you some of the various meals we ate, because they were INSANE! From Ramen, to sushi, to GYOZA (our favorite!!), to Matsusaka beef, to Yakisoba… there’s too much. Enjoy the following photos of the vast variety of Japanese culinary delights! (And you should probably head to your local Japanese restaurant ASAP)

Look at this sushi at Ginza Kyubey! The best tuna we've ever had!

Bario Ramen in Toranomon. The BEST!

Amazing crepes in Harajuku!

Tonkatsu at Maisen in Shibuya

We don't recommend, but Bobby tried McDonald's... 

An assortment of Japanese candies... 

More sushi from Ginza Kyubey! 

Matsusaka beef at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M

Green Tea ice cream and Osaka Castle

At Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M, you cook the beef yourself to your liking. So good!

Random local street food. There's an egg, and then we don't really know what the rest is...

Yummy tempura after a morning at the Kurama Onsen. 

Our favorite food (GYOZA) at Tiger Gyoza!

MUST HAVE: Bento Boxes on your train rides. This Tonkatsu was pretty awesome!

Homemade Japanese meal made by our friend Keiko during our Traveling Spoon experience. 

Pizza? In Japan? Yep. It was amazing!

GYOZA GYOZA GYOZA!!! Go to Chaochao Gyoza!