You know those places in America that you stumble upon randomly and you can’t help but wonder, “Why haven’t I been here before?” You get those “I really like this place” feels from the moment you arrive, and then it just keeps getting better? Those places that feel like a second home, almost instantly?

Carson Valley, Nevada is one of those places. 

We just spent two incredible days exploring this beautiful valley, and we can’t believe it wasn’t on our radar until now. Being only 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, and 40 minutes from Reno, we’ve driven past (or even through) Carson Valley numerous times, and never even knew what we were missing! 

Carson Valley is rugged yet refined, history-filled yet up-and-coming, easy to get to yet remote, safe yet thrilling. Heck, Carson Valley is downright legendary. Here’s why:


Yep. You read that right. Wild horses. We had the opportunity to spend one morning with Carson Valley’s famous photographer and wildlife expert JT Humphrey, tracking down the wild horses and getting an up-close look at these surprisingly complex and downright fascinating creatures. 

JT picked us up at our hotel (side note: we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Minden, which was clean, convenient, and served a delicious hot breakfast in the morning - AND they’re dog friendly), and we hopped in JT’s truck for a roughly 3-hour escapade. 

As we made our way to the wide, mountainous land that the horses call home, JT shared more about the unique characteristics that wild horses possess - and why keeping horses truly wild is so important. 

As people continue to make more and more demands for livestock and human use, the amount of wild horses has vastly decreased. In Carson Valley, they have around 100 or so wild horses, and you better believe that JT knows them all by name. Sure enough, we saw Zorro, Red, Blondie, and many, many more. We learned that wild horses group themselves in different herds (or “bands”), typically led by a dominant stallion. 

The drama and politics and tension between these bands is enough to make your head spin (and to take up an entire blog post), so we won’t get into details. But it’s absolutely captivating, and JT is truly a legend. Add this to your bucket list.

Alli with the legend himself, JT Humphry


Because there’s so much to see in this scenic valley, we’re guessing people don’t head to Carson Valley solely for the food. But you could!! It’s safe to say we ate our way through the valley and we thoroughly enjoyed everything we tried. The restaurants and cafes in Carson Valley served dishes that were not only packed with flavor, but the places were packed with history, charm - and cowboys, too!

+ JT Basque Bar & Dining Room: Unlimited soup, bread, salad, french fries, red wine, entree of your choice, dessert… Basque food is the BEST. And this iconic (and historic) restaurant excels at it! They’ve been serving award-winning Basque food since 1955… and from the atmosphere to the service, the experience is still as authentic as ever!

+ The Pink House: Built in 1855 (and listed in the National Register of Historic Places), this charming restaurant serves a seasonal menu filled with fresh hors d'oeuvres, charcuterie plates, rotating entrees, and more. Grab a seat on their wrap-around patio, order a bottle of wine and few plates to share, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect afternoon!

+ Overland Restaurant & Pub: The latest prodigy from acclaimed chef Mark Estee, this neighborhood smokehouse is old-school country western with a modern flair, and we dig it. Order their Smoked BBQ Platter and be prepared to leave with lots of leftovers!

+ Minden Meat & Deli:  What at first glance may appear to be your average butcher shop, is actually ANYTHING but average. With 31 craft beers on tap (and hundreds more available), made-to-order burgers and sandwiches, and locally made ice cream, this deli is more like a destination! Whether you grab a seat outside or sit at the bar, you’re sure to make a friend or two. And you might even meet a cowboy!

Love the interior at the JT Basque Bar! Look at all the money on the ceiling!

Love the Pink House!

We’d probably drive back to Genoa for the Porchetta Sandwich

Delicious desserts!

Incredible views at the Overland Restaurant

Can you believe Bobby ate all of this?

Delicious sandwiches and beers at Minden Meat and Deli


You can tell a lot about a place by sitting down at a local’s spot and having a drink. One of our favorite pastimes when we’re traveling (or when we’re home) is finding a good happy hour, striking up conversations with the people around us, and learning more about the place we’re in from a local’s perspective. We did this twice during our stay in Carson Valley, and we learned so much! Not to mention, the drinks were awesome. ;)

+ The Corner Bar:  When the weather is warm, and the sun is just beginning to set, this is where you want to be! While the inside is quaint and enjoyable, we fell in love with the outdoor seating at this neighborhood hotspot - and their happy hour deals are the best in town! (Our bill was $6.50 for TWO drinks!!)

+ Genoa Bar: You can’t beat the ambiance here, or the fact that it’s the “Oldest thirst parlor in Nevada”! Dating back to the 1850’s, this historical drinking establishment has seen its share of legends pass through their doors - everyone from Clark Gable to Theodore Roosevelt! If only these walls could talk! Our Genoa Bar recommendation? Order a cold one, sit back, and get to know the people sitting around you… Chances are they have stories to tell, too!

Cheers from the Corner Bar


It goes without saying that Carson Valley is beautiful. The snow capped mountains, lush, green fields, towering pine trees, wild horses (we will never get over them!) - it’s all so picturesque! We wanted to see as much of the valley as we could, so we did two epic excursions to give us a “birds eye view”, starting with:

+ The Genoa Loop Trail:  Not only does this 8.2 mile trail provides jaw-dropping views of the Carson Valley, but there’s even a waterfall! You climb through several switchbacks, cross over glistening streams, and marvel at how high this hike can take you! But if you’re itching to go even higher...

+ Glider Rides: The most epic, thrilling, and exhilarating way to see the Carson Valley (in our opinion) is on a glider ride with the friendly folks at Soaring Nevada!  You’ll fly more than 3,000 feet above the ground in an engine-free glider. It’s surprisingly peaceful and smooth, and the views are absolutely spectacular. We flew over mountains, the many quaint towns of Carson Valley, even over Lake Tahoe! It was a ride we will NEVER forget.

Sally loved the Genoa Loop Trail

Bobby was a little freaked out but it was so WORTH IT

Getting towed up into the sky!


Good news… Tahoe is still very blue!


Genoa, Minden, and Gardnerville - three lovely towns in Carson Valley, each with their own personality and quirks. We found ourselves hopping around the different towns throughout the day, as they’re all extremely close and easy to get to.

+ Gardnerville: Downtown Gardnerville had us from the moment we arrived, with their old brick buildings and their colorful flower baskets lining the Main Street. There’s restaurants, antique shops, and galleries a-plenty, and we can only imagine how cute it is at Christmas. We might need to come back for that… ;)

+ Minden:  Located right next to Gardnerville is the town of Minden, where adults can tour (and taste) some of the finest spirits in Nevada at the brand new Bently Distillery.  (Unfortunately it was closed the days we were there, but it’s on our list for when we go back!) Kids can cool off (and get their wiggles out) at Minden Park’s new Splash Pad - and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t contemplate jumping in too!  

+ Genoa: Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Range (and just seven miles away from Minden) is the historic - and adorable - town of Genoa. Known as “Nevada’s Oldest Town”, Minden is just as charming and picture-perfect as you would imagine, with quaint buildings and pretty parks, all with a distinctly country-western feel. It’s like something out of a movie!

+ Topaz Lake: While we drove through and briefly saw Topaz Lake, we didn’t get a chance to spend much time there. However, this is another beautiful part of the Carson Valley, and we’re planning to stop for some fishing and paddle boarding (without Sally) on our next visit.

Next time you’re roadtripping to Tahoe (or beyond), carve some time out of your drive for Carson Valley. Chase wild horses with JT, grab some mouthwatering sandwiches at Minden Meat and Deli, glide through the sky with Soaring NV, and have a drink (or two) at Genoa Bar…

Or keep it simple! Hike, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty that the valley has to offer. Whatever you do, we promise your time in Carson Valley will be nothing short of legendary.

Anchors Away!

Our First (and Definitely not our Last) Experience Cruising with Royal Caribbean

We’re writing this from the Miami airport - an hour after getting off the Symphony of the Seas, and we’re ALREADY having withdrawals.

Now that’s when you know it’s been a good trip.

A few months back we got an e-mail from Royal Caribbean International (RCI), asking us to join them on the inaugural sailing of the brand new Symphony of the Seas. We’d recently read about it - how it’s the largest cruise ship in the world, with everything from zip-lining to a 10-story slide. (Say what??)

Obviously we accepted the invitation, and the Symphony of the Seas completely exceeded every expectation we had. Not only because of its size and grandeur, but also because of RCI’s staff and attention to detail. Here’s a little recap of our experience with RCI, and how they take cruising to the next level:

1. IT’S A FAMILY: We boarded the ship with a bunch of strangers, and we left feeling like family. We bonded with everyone from our hibachi server, to the ship’s captain (You’re the man, Captain Rob!!), to the people we met in the waterside line. It is truly mind blowing how on such a large ship, you can quickly feel known. The RCI crew does a stellar job not only making sure every need is met - but also fostering a warm and fun-loving community.

2. ENTERTAINMENT: We could dedicate a whole blog just to the quality of entertainment aboard the Symphony of the Seas. We saw a broadway production of Hairspray, Hiro (an “aquatheater” style acrobatic adventure show), 1977 (an ice skating show with incredible drone technology), and Flight (a Broadway style show on the history of flight) … How they do all of these shows at sea is crazy in and of itself, and then paired with the quality and talent of the performers it’s absolutely astounding.  

3. TOP-NOTCH FOOD: Anyone that gives “cruise food” a bad rap has obviously never sailed with RCI. There are 20 different restaurants on The Symphony of the Seas, allowing your taste buds to give into any and every kind of craving. We had the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the galley and see just how seriously RCI takes food. Every fruit and vegetable is checked for quality and every dish is prepared and presented with care and precision. We were so inspired by the handful of chefs we got to meet, as every one of them is genuinely passionate about what they do. And it shows.

4. EFFICIENCY: Being such a large ship, one of our concerns was the crowds. We were bracing ourselves for long waits and long lines. How do thousands of people get on and off the boat efficiently, get their food served efficiently, or even find a seat at the bar? Well, we can gladly say that we NEVER had an issue with any of the above. From boarding the ship until disembarking, everything was done quick and orderly and pain-free. We’re not sure how the RCI crew handles all the logistics, but they do so flawlessly.

5. DESIGN: It goes without saying that The Symphony of the Seas is beautiful. From the moment we stepped onboard, into the glistening Royal Promenade, we were in awe. (I think our jaws may have hit the floor.) Every room, restaurant, bar, and activity area is perfectly decorated in a sleek, modern, and welcoming way. Every theme was executed tastefully - from the serenity of Central Park to the hustle and bustle of Boardwalk.


This is RCI’s tagline - and we absolutely love it. “Come Seek” embodies their very essence - adventure and discovery. Cruising with RCI isn’t simply a week at sea, it’s a week of discovery and exploration - both on and off the ship. No matter your age or your interests, there’s something for everyone. Take our (and RCI’s) advice and COME SEEK. We’re so glad we did.

The Symphony of the Seas is currently sailing out of Miami, with week-long Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries. Starting in May, you can experience “Coco Cay”, the exclusive Royal Caribbean Island in the Bahamas! Learn more and shop for your next cruise here.

Adventuring (and Eating) our Way Through the Black Hills

Nestled in the west of South Dakota are the Black Hills, a small mountain range rising from the Great Plains that’s quickly becoming one of our favorite places to explore. More than the stunning landscapes and friendly locals, the Black Hills boast an array of adventuring opportunities AND charming local spots to quench your thirst or satisfy your cravings. (Because let’s be real, we live for experiences, but we equally live for our next meal. #Foodielife) Here’s a little recap from our most recent trip to the Black Hills!


What once was a railroad, The Mickelson Trail is over 100 miles of breathtaking scenery and gentle slopes, passing right through the heart of the Black Hills. No matter where you enter the trail you’re bound to have a blast, but we recommend renting bikes at Rabbit Bicycle in Hill City and riding north. We went a few miles, got hungry for lunch (like we said - live to eat), and pulled a quick u-turn back. We passed through tunnels, rolling hills, tree-lined paths, and the cutest little log cabins. It’s the perfect way to start your morning! (Just don’t forget to pay the $4 entrance fee!)


What better way to experience the beauty (and the thrills) of the Black Hills than on an ATV?! Our friends at Mad Mountain Adventures have 2 and 4 seater ATV's that you can rent for a full-day, exhilarating and awe-inspiring adventure! There are numerous trailheads to explore, complete with forests, streams, and panoramic vistas... so grab your GoPro, pack a picnic, and experience the Black Hills in a whole new way! Go HERE to book your ATV rental!


The famous Prairie Berry Winery is a must when you’re in the Black Hills. Family owned and operated, they’ve been making South Dakota wines since 1876. Many of their “untraditional” wines are made out of fruit, like “Red Ass Rhubarb”, but they do carry traditional varietals like Chenin Blanc and Meritage. Beyond their wines, the kitchen at Prairie Berry is EXCELLENT. Homemade soups, sandwiches, flatbreads, loaded salads… they have something for everyone. Everything is fresh and everything is delicious. (And don’t forget to join in on the free wine tasting after lunch!)


Some of our favorite lakes are nestled in The Black Hills. The combination of crystal clear water with sprawling green hills makes them incredibly picturesque and peaceful. We went kayaking on Pactola lake on a day that was overcast, and it was still beautiful. Whether you rent kayaks for a couple hours or for a whole day, there’s so much to see and explore along Pactola lake. Next time we’ll pack a picnic and find a spot on the shore to stop and eat!


Located in downtown Hill City, the Alpine Inn is a historical landmark that possesses one of the best steak dinners in the area - for under $12! You read that right - it just might be the best deal in town! Word is definitely out about this iconic place, but don’t let the crowds scare you away, the wait goes quickly. Have a drink (or two!) in the adjoining bar until your name is called, and you’ll be diving into your bacon-wrapped filet in no time. Note to the picky eaters - there are only two things on the menu for dinner… steak and potatoes or German dumplings and veggies. Make sure to leave room for dessert, because there’s definitely more than 2 options (Probably 20+ dessert items!). If you need help, their peanut butter pie is life changing. (Also, the Alpine Inn is cash only, so plan accordingly!) 


Name a better way to see a place than by hot air ballooning - we’ll wait. The team at Black Hills Balloons makes the entire trip a breeze (literally), and the view from the balloon is jaw-droopingly beautiful. Once landed, you drink mimosas and snack on cheese and crackers with your new-found friends. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!


We’re self proclaimed “burger-holics”. No matter where we’re traveling, we try to find the best burger in that area. It’s just what we do. Black Hills Burger and Bun in Custer came highly recommended by several of our followers, and… wow. It may be some of the best burgers we’ve ever had. Ever. It’s something about the homemade buns, juicy burger, fresh toppings and sauce that’s honest-to-goodness perfection on a plate. It’s worth a drive to Custer just to try these mouth-watering burgers. They’re that good.


Whoa Nelly, this was fun! The team at Rockin’ R Trail Rides are total rockstars, making even the most city-type folk feel comfortable in a saddle. We embarked on a two-hour ride through the picturesque Black Hills National Forest. We learned about the surrounding foliage, rode past deer-filled meadows, and scaled rocky mountains with ease… it was perfect. We now want horses. Anyone have a stable we can use?


Not only is this the cutest, most stylish restaurant in all of the Black Hills, it is also the best. Skogen Kitchen has only been open for a little over a year, but already they’ve won recognition as the best restaurant in all of South Dakota - and it’s easy to see why. Their food is fresh, thoughtful, and flavor-filled. It’s the kind of restaurant where we consciously eat as slow as possible, to make every bite last… It’s that good. Make reservations, as it fills up quick!

While we blitzed around seeing and eating as much as we could, what’s pulling us back is that there is still so much more! If you have any suggestions about spots we should explore on our next trip, leave a comment! We can’t wait to go back.

Why We Keep Coming Back to South Dakota

“You’re going where? South Dakota? AGAIN?” 

That’s the reaction we got from our parents when we recently told them we were heading back to South Dakota. Being self-proclaimed “wanderlusters”, it’s not often that we go to the same place twice. We’re always keeping things interesting and exploring new destinations… so needless to say, returning to South Dakota just a year after our first trip came as quite the surprise to our family!

Here’s the deal with South Dakota. There is SO MUCH TO SEE. It definitely takes more than one trip to experience everything that this grand state has to offer. Whether you’re an adrenaline junky looking for the next thrill, or a hiking enthusiast looking for the next scenic peak, or a history buff, fascinated by American history and folklore, South Dakota has something for everyone. Still hesitant about it? We’ll prove it to you.


South Dakota is filled with gems (literally and figuratively). Little iconic towns that slip under the radar, but shouldn’t be missed - like Deadwood! Deadwood, South Dakota is straight out of a country western novel. Legends like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok roamed the historic streets of Deadwood, looking for gold and a good time. And it’s still a darn good time!! You can catch a free Wild West re-enactement, get your game on at the many casinos in town, and grab a drink at the notable Saloon #10

Custer is another one of our favorite towns, located in the heart of the Black Hills. Its Western roots also run deep, and is filled with gift shops, galleries, delicious restaurants, and an overwhelming amount of rock shops. (Bobby’s favorite!)


We love nothing more than blasting some country music and exploring new scenic roads. Pretty much EVERY road in South Dakota is scenic, and there wasn’t a time Alli didn’t exclaim “Wow! So pretty!” when we were driving. 

On our first trip to South Dakota, we were blown away by Needles Highway. It’s 14 miles of twists and turns through sprawling granite spires, and located just 30 minutes south of Rapid City. 

This time around, we ventured through Spearfish Canyon, a DREAM of a drive for anyone that loves wildlife, outdoor activities, and breathtaking waterfalls. Built on an old rail bed, the views from this drive are fantastic, and filled with photo opportunities along the way. 


No matter how many times we see it, Mount Rushmore continues to amaze us. There’s no doubt that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln would be in awe of this epic mountainside memorial. The sheer magnitude and precision of Mount Rushmore is jaw-dropping, and it’s no wonder that it attracts over two million visitors annually! 

And then there’s Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse is the world’s largest mountain carving, and even though it isn’t yet completed, it’s a monument that can’t be missed! Crazy Horse was a Native American war leader that earned great respect from both his people, and his enemies. He’s one of the most iconic Native American warriors, and participated in several famous battles during his lifetime. The memorial is funded entirely by private donations, and to this day there is no set completion date. But you can go visit this incredible monument, and even watch a laser show there at night!


From horse back riding, to hot air ballooning, to kayaking and mountain biking, the opportunities for adventures in South Dakota are limitless. On the last day of our trip we went zip lining with Rushmore Tramway Adventures, and it was EPIC!! You fly over a mile of forest, reaching heights of up to 400 feet, and unobstructed views of Mount Rushmore! The guides are friendly, knowledgable, and full of wit and humor. Our two hour tour flew by! (Literally) It’s absolutely a South Dakota adventure you do not want to miss. Oh, and did we mention how comfortable our harnesses were? They use top-of-the-line equipment, making the entire process a breeze. We’ll be back!


You read that right. We’d be lying if we said the steak dinners in South Dakota weren’t one of the main factors for our return trip. If you love a good steak and you love a good deal, make note. Some of the best steaks we’ve had (at some of the best prices!), are in good ol’ South Dakota. 

One of our favorite places for steak and all the fixin’s is the appropriately named Legends Steakhouse in Deadwood. Located in the historic Franklin Hotel, Legends is one of the best places for steak in the state, and the long lines and rave reviews will prove it. Reservations aren’t required, but we recommend you make one. And be sure to get a side of the truffle mac n cheese… we’ve been craving it ever since!

If these five factors haven’t solidified your need for a trip to South Dakota, then we give up!

Just kidding. But quite frankly, we could keep going! The friendly locals, the abundance of wildlife, the campgrounds, the museums and amusement parks… South Dakota has it all. We can’t wait to return and adventure there again - who’s joining us next year?!

Olympia, Washington - So Much More Than Just A Capital City

One of the things we love about road trips is that it forces us to explore new cities. 

Driving from state to state, it’s inevitable that you’ll stumble upon towns and regions you never knew existed. Some spots we simply HAVE to stop and walk around, others we drive right through, and every once in a while we find one that’s really a fun surprise. Olympia surprised us in the best way possible… and while we’ve grown up learning about our state capitals, we’ve never known very much about Olympia (besides maybe the fact that it’s in Washington)! 

When the opportunity presented itself to stay a couple days in Washington’s capital city, we both got really excited. Experiencing unfamiliar cities is our jam - especially when we have no idea what to expect. And here’s the deal, Olympia is cool. It’s up-and-coming, it’s quaint, it’s loaded with amazing restaurants and bars, and it boasts some epic scenery! Yes to ALL the above!!!

Here are some of the highlights from our time in Olympia (most of which are dog friendly, too)!



  • Lacey Forza: (Dog-friendly patio) Quick, efficient, and totally delicious. Lacey Forza is the perfect place to stop when you’re on the go. But whatever you do, make sure you have enough time to stop and enjoy the bacon cinnamon roll. You’re welcome in advance.

  • Our Table: This cozy, retro diner serves up some of the best breakfasts in town - at affordable prices too! From the Micheal Jackson beats to the perfect breakfast potatoes and bacon that may have made Bobby’s whole trip - it’s definitely a must-do!! (But leave your pup at home, there’s no outdoor seating.)


  • Well80: (Dog-friendly patio) Delicious beer and an extensive menu featuring pizzas, burgers, brussels sprouts, and more… Are we in heaven? Well80 is a modern, spacious, and energetic restaurant that quickly became one of our favorite Olympia institutions. We loved the outdoor patio, and the servers are all really friendly. We can’t wait to be back!

  • Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar: (located in 222 Market, has a dog-friendly patio) Serving up so much more than just oysters, Chelsea Farms is another favorite of ours for lunch! They have great salads, fresh fish, and delicious wines. Sally loved sitting outside and playing with other dogs that were there - win/win for everyone!


  • Three Magnets Brewing: (Dog-friendly patio) Our favorite kind of a place. Great drinks, awesome happy hour, delicious “comfort food” that’s prepared with love, and has a healthy twist. Alli had the veggie burger of her dreams, and we split avocado fries that were TDF (To Die For) - definitely recommend!

  • Ricardo’s Kitchen and Bar: (Dog-friendly patio) Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, looking for a fun date night spot, or simply craving a steak, Ricardo’s is your ticket! It’s one of the best steakhouses in Olympia, and for good reason. Everything we had was flavorful, perfectly prepared, and beautifully presented. If the weather is good, sit outside!


  • Batdorf and Bronson: Have you ever been to a coffee shop where you’ve instantly felt at home? The baristas quickly become your BFF’s, the atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, and the coffee is what we like to call, “The Real Deal”? Batdorf and Bronson is just that. We were lucky enough to sit in on an employee “Coffee Cupping” (They do ones every Wednesday (?) that are open to the public!), and getting a behind-the-scenes look at their passion and excitement for coffee was thrilling for us. We love nothing more than getting a front-row look at talented people doing what they love… and the people at Batdorf and Bronson are the real deal. Go. Drink their coffee. Go to a coffee cupping class. And bring some bags home for all of your friends.

  • Olympia Coffee Roasting Company: Another great local coffee shop! There are multiple locations in town, with our favorite being the one on 4th Avenue (you can do Coffee Cupping there too!). OCR has yummy coffee and is a perfect spot to open up your laptop and work for a few hours. And they have epic branding! We'll definitely be back!


  • Kayaking Long Lake with Northwest Paddle Surfers: Long Lake is STUNNING, and a perfect place to explore by Kayak… and you know what else? You can bring your dog aboard!!! While we’ve taken kayaks out numerous times together, this was our first time ever taking Sally - and it was an adventure we’ll never forget!! The team at Northwest Paddle Surfers are incredibly friendly and helpful, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

  • Tolmie State Park: You could easily spend all day in Tolmie. It has beautiful hikes, beaches, picnic spots, and is brimming with wildlife. We took Sally for a walk along the beach (dogs are allowed if they’re on leash) and the surroundings were breathtaking.

  • Explore Tumwater Falls Park: Waterfalls in the middle of the city?! What?? It’s true - we couldn’t believe it either! We loved walking around this quaint little park, and watching Sally’s reaction to a waterfall was priceless!

We could go on and on with more recommendations for Olympia - but then this blogpost would take days to read! So, we’ll leave it at that. Any favorite spots that we’ve missed? Leave a comment and let us know! We’ll definitely be back. ;)

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