Quick Camping Getaway with Coleman!

We aren’t the typical camper-types.


Sure, we’re adventurous, we’re spontaneous, and we love the outdoors, but we’ve always been a little hesitant to camp. We equate camping with a lot of work and little sleep. For that reason, we’ve never considered ourselves “campers”...


Until now.


Friends, we recently got hold of some Coleman camping gear and tested it out at O’Neill Regional Park, and we’ve been transformed. We actually really love camping, and we’ll say it loud and clear, “WE’RE CAMPERS.” Why you ask? Because camping means something different to everyone, and we did it our way… with the snazziest, “glamp-iest” Coleman equipment in town! (Or should we say, in the woods?) Here’s what converted us:


The 6 Person Dark Room Tent

Before this trip, the thought of setting up a tent made us cringe. You know those movies where it takes the dad all day to set up an old, ricketty tent? That’s what we thought of. But we kid you not, this tent took us MAYBE 20 minutes to put together. IT WAS SO EASY. SO EASY. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and incredibly spacious - which is important to us. We like having the ability to walk around in our tent, and the ability to have a…


Queen Double High Airbed

Oh boy oh boy, this airbed was the real gamechanger. Not because it was easy to blow up (which it was), or because it fit perfectly in our tent with plenty of room to spare (which it did), but because we slept like BABIES. It honestly rivaled our bed at home!! Speaking of which, instead of using traditional sleeping bags, we brought our sheets and bedspread - which was not only super comfy, but looked super cute as well!


50 QT. Extreme Wheeled Cooler

Say hello to the Cadillac of coolers! This beauty not only kept our food and drinks cold without a hitch, but it was incredibly easy to operate and move around. Depending on where we were hanging out, we’d cart it over closer to us. (You know, to grab that extra drink or piece of chocolate.) We also loved the size - it’s deep enough that it holds A LOT, but it’s not as wide as typical coolers, so it’s easy to pack in our car!


360 Sound + Light Lantern (used with your personal phone)

We’ll let you in on a little secret… Alli’s afraid of the dark. Nothing spooks her out more than dark, mysterious places, and not being aware of her surroundings. We were AMAZED at how bright this Coleman lantern could be. She was never nervous or frightened in the least, and you better believe that everywhere she went, that lantern went too! It has three light settings, so it works great no matter your whereabouts. But you know what the best part is??


Yep! The lantern connects easily to your phone, giving you the ability to play all of your favorite tunes while beating your partner in a round of “Tick” (currently our favorite card game). Or, it gives you the excuse to have a dance party in the middle of the day - we did!


Cooler Quad Chairs

Like we said earlier, we’re not the “typical” campers - and there is nothing typical about these chairs. Assembly is easy (as in, there is no assembly, they just pop open!), and they have the coolest features.

  • There is a cooler in one of the armrests, that holds up to four cans of beer. How genius is that?!?

  • On the other armrest there’s a side pocket that’s big enough to hold your magazines, a book, an Ipad, whatever you want!

  • The seat is fully cushioned, making it SO incredibly snug!


These Coleman products totally changed our views on camping. They showed us how fun, stylish, and COMFORTABLE a few nights at a campground can be! Even our pup Sally had the time of her life! So, where should we camp next?