Seelbach Hotel

The 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Louisville

Sure, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Slugger, Bourbon Distilleries, and more… but it also has some picture-perfect spots for your Instagram feed! From quirky street art, to historic hotels, to underground speakeasies, you won’t be hurting for Instagram content when in this vibrant and colorful city. We’ve broken it down to what we consider to be the 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Louisville, and here they are!


Highland Park is an eclectic neighborhood in Louisville that’s home to trendy restaurants, bars, and an endless amount of small shops and boutiques. It’s also where you can find some of the best street art in town!

The Spirit of the Highlands” mural (1529 Bardstown Road, on the side of Ole Town Liquors) is not to be missed - notice that each letter showcases a unique feature of Louisville!

The Highlands - Weird, Independent, and Proud” (1158 Bardstown Road) is another mural to add to your list. It’s right down the street from Spirit of the Highlands, and it’s so large you won’t be able to miss it!


From the moment you step into the Seelbach Hilton (a historic hotel in downtown Louisville), you feel as though you’ve stepped into an old metropolitan hotel in Paris. Its French Renaissance design lends perfectly for photos… and their famous grand staircase looks as though it’s out of a fairytale!

Venture underground and you’ll find their “Rathskeller”, which features magnificent archways and intricate details, making for a perfect photo opp. Spend some time researching the history too, as it’s had its share of notable visitors, like Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald!


You may find it odd that a speakeasy is on this list, but one look inside Hell or High Water and you’ll understand why it made the list. Make a reservation in advance (you can do so here), and we suggest making it for when they first open, at 4pm. Chances are you’ll have the place (at least mostly) to yourself, and you’ll be able to get some prime pictures as you explore the the surprisingly spacious underground bar. Just try not to disturb anyone, and make sure you order one of their fabulous cocktails (or two)!


Did you know that Louisville has the biggest collection of historic Victorian houses in the US? Well, now you do! These restored, colorful homes are extraordinary on their own, and some of our favorites were located in the Old Louisville neighborhood! Head south on 3rd Street, and after crossing over Broadway you’ll be in an area that used to be known as “Millionaire’s Row”. You’ll quickly know why… enjoy!


So much more than a traditional coffee shop, Please & Thank You has some of the most Instagrammable backdrops in town! Grab a seat on their cozy leather couch that sits in front of a colorful tiled wall, or venture to the room next door that has bright blue retro bench seating. It’s sure to add the perfect pop of color to anyone’s IG feed!