Looking For Your Next Weekend Escape? Head to Idaho!

It’s prime ski/snowboard season. Your friends are heading to tourist-filled spots like Lake Tahoe and Breckenridge, but you’re looking for something different. Somewhere that’s accessible, but off the beaten path. Somewhere that has great food, stunning views, great skiing, but less crowds. Somewhere that truly feels like an ESCAPE. Well friends, we’ve got the perfect place for you.


More specifically, Boise and McCall. But shh… don’t tell too many people. Here’s why we love it:


If you’re based in Southern California (like we are), Boise is a dream to travel to. You can find 3+ daily nonstop flights out of LAX that will have you there in just over two hours. We left at 7:10 am, and we were sitting at our favorite Boise pizza spot for lunch (The Wylder - add it to your list). The ease of getting there gives you more time to explore and enjoy Boise!


Boise is COOL. Mark our words, this city is on the ups! From a thriving craft brewery scene (Woodland Empire, Cloud 9 Brewery, and Bittercreek Alehouse to name a few), to trendy, innovative restaurants (check out Diablo & Sons Saloon, Fork, and Capitol Cellars), to fun coffee shops (Form & Function was our favorite), lush parks (Camel’s Back Park has panoramic views of the city), historic buildings with stunning architecture (the Boise Train Depot is a MUST), and more! We stayed at the Inn at 500 Capitol, a lovely hotel that has comfortable (and quirky) rooms with a ton of great food options within walking distance. We definitely needed more time in Boise to sample more of the restaurants and breweries… next time!

Woodland Empire has some great beer!

Get the burger at Diablo & Sons. You’re welcome.

Form & Function has some yummy coffee!

Camel’s Back Park looking out over Boise

The view from the Boise Depot. Go to the top of the bell tower!

Inn at 500 Capitol


McCall is one of those little mountain towns that we’ll be raving about for awhile. It’s quaint and rural and stunningly beautiful… and it’s an easy 2-hour drive from Boise! Because it’s relatively under the radar, it’s rarely crowded, and they have snowboard/skiing terrain for all ages and skill levels at the nearby Brundage Mountain Resort. If snowshoeing or cross-country skiing is more your style, there are plenty of tree-lined trails around Ponderosa State Park.

Exploring Ponderosa State Park by snowshoe

We had fun :)


We went on a full-day snowmobile excursion with Brundage Mountain Resort that might have been the highlight of our entire trip. We rode snowmobiles for over 80 miles of snow-covered hills and trails. It was breathtaking. We stopped at the rustic Burgdorf Hot Springs, which is only accessible by snowmobiles in the winter months. We soaked, we ate, and we marveled at the views… Words honestly don’t do justice to this incredible place, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

In our opinion, it’s worth a trip to Idaho just for this experience.

Here’s Alli pushing the pace. She wants to get to the hot springs!


I mean, Burgdorf Hot Springs ALONE is incredibly romantic. Beyond that, the Shore Lodge in McCall is perfect for a couple’s getaway. It sits right on Payette Lake, the rooms are spacious and luxurious, and they’re home to one of the best restaurants in Idaho, The Narrows. We had the dreamiest date night there, sipping on craft cocktails, dining on Double R Prime Beef Wet Aged New York Striploin (melt-in-your-mouth delicious), and ended the night with s’mores by the Shore Lodge’s outdoor bonfire. Does it get any more romantic than that?!

Big, cozy room with a view!

Payette Lake with a winter coat :)

Bobby likes the fireball, while Alli is a slow toaster


Because McCall isn’t commercialized, it’s significantly more affordable than other popular ski towns. You’ll find lakeview rooms at the Shore Lodge for a fraction of the price of other places. When it comes to dining, restaurants in McCall are reasonably priced and almost all are family owned and operated.

Boise too, is just as reasonable - with hotels, dining, and breweries offering cheap deals and incentives. (Take advantage of it before the word gets out!) You can find nonstop flights to Boise out of LAX for under $200, making the whole trip totally attainable.

We need views like this more often!

So, what are you waiting for?! Idaho is calling! Head to for more travel inspiration, as the options to explore and adventure are endless in this stunning state. Leave a comment and let us know which part of Idaho we should explore next!

The Traveling Newlyweds Guide to Mammoth Mountain

So, you can say we’re Mammoth newbies.

This past month we ventured out to Mammoth Mountain for the first time. Which is pretty unheard of if you’re born and raised in Southern California like us! We grew up hearing about our friends “making the trek” to Mammoth Mountain, but that usually consisted of a 5+ hour drive, in traffic, and that’s just not our jam. Then we found out that Alaska Airlines, (our favorite), offers a quick one-hour flight from LAX to Mammoth Mountain - and we booked the next flight. Literally.

In the couple of days before we left, we did some hardcore Mammoth research. Where to eat, where to stay, what to do, etc… And we’re pretty confident in what we ended up accomplishing on our short trip. Here’s our “round up” for all that we did in this charming mountain town, and we hope it convinces YOU to book a flight as well!

First things first, the flight. It was easy. Painless, really. We were up in the air for just enough time to enjoy the views and a glass of wine (for Alli) and a beer (for Bobby)... and then we made our descent! As always, the Alaska Airlines team was top-notch. They made sure we were comfortable, told jokes, fed us our weight in cheez-its (also our favorite), and ensured every need was met. We've grown to love these smaller flights, because you really get to know the staff. It feels like a family affair - causing us to wish the flight was longer! 

Also - did you know that if you fly Alaska, you can ski free? Alaska Airlines has a promotion that allows you to show your boarding pass, and get a lift ticket! The details vary on the resort and airport you are coming from, but it is definitely worth looking into!

The Mammoth Airport is adorable. There’s only one terminal, one baggage claim, and only a handful of flights a day. We got our bags in about .5 seconds and were on a cozy bus to the town before we knew it! Here begins our guide:




The Mammoth Mountain Inn

We booked this little inn on a whim, and we’re so glad we did. It’s the PERFECT location if you’re a skier or snowboarder, as it’s nestled right next to the lifts. Most mornings Bobby would go do a couple of runs around the mountain before Alli would even wake up! The rooms are quaint and “lodge-like”, and the lobby is complete with oversized fireplaces and a fun restaurant/bar. It’s about a 15 minute drive (or bus ride) to town, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. If you aren’t planning to ski or snowboard like we did, you might want to stay somewhere a little closer to the village. If you’re coming for the mountain sports, the Mammoth Mountain Inn really is the most ideal. It all depends on what you’re looking to do!




The Yodler

This German Bavarian-style restaurant is right at the base of the slopes, and an easy walk from the Mammoth Mountain Inn. It is EVERYTHING you’d want and more after a cold day on the slopes… Delicious drinks, hearty soups and entrees, and the biggest (and most delicious) pretzel you’ll ever have. Honestly, we’d make the trip back to Mammoth just to get this pretzel again! And you’ll be proud to know that we finished it!

The Melt House

Only accessible by the slopes at the base of Chair 14, the Melt House is another spot that delivers epic comfort food in a picture-perfect location. Great music, an expansive sundeck, and a scrumptious menu. Who doesn’t want a tasty grilled cheese and a craft beer in between runs down the mountain?


Woodfire pizzas, seasonal ingredients, and craft cocktails… Campo has all of our favorite things! Located in the heart of the Village, it’s a great date night spot. We came here on our first night in town, and couldn’t have been more pleased. We're still dreaming about their pizzas! (Take our advice and order your own - don't share. They're that good!)

The Stove

If you love breakfast like we do, this place is a must. Heck- even if you don’t love breakfast, you’ll love the Stove! It’s been a Mammoth Mountain institution for years, and for good reason. It’s country cookin’ at its finest, and everything on the menu is delicious. We highly recommend the french toast and the breakfast burrito… But like we said, you can’t go wrong! (And the earlier you get there, the better. The Stove fills up quick!)




Mammoth Brewing Company

This is another one of those places that’s a “no-brainer” when you’re in Mammoth. Their beer is world-famous, and the ambiance is a blast. Get the Original Tasting, it’s only $9 and you get to try 7 of their most well-known ales. They also serve food, and it looked pretty tasty - so that’s definitely something we’ll try next time!

Stellar Brew

We came to Stellar Brew one afternoon to get a hot beverage and escape the cold. We ended up spending a few hours in the eclectic little coffee shop, playing cards and chit-chatting with locals. Their coffee and tea selection is extensive, and they have a lot of great healthy dining options as well. Get the Yerba Matte Latte if you’re looking to try something new… it’s delicious!

We stepped into Black Velvet Coffee and instantly felt like we were transported back to a hipster coffee shop in LA! The coffee is smooth and strong, and their coffee knowledge is impressive. We can see why "BVC" has a cult-like following. 



Where do we even start? Mammoth Mountain has a never-ending list of activities, for all ages and all personalities! From skiing and snowboarding, to tubing and snowmobiling, to snowcat tours and scenic gondola rides... the options are endless. And that's only in the winter! If you love the outdoors, fresh mountain air, and beautiful scenery... Mammoth will definitely be up your alley. And if your idea of a good time is more simple; good book, glass of wine, delicious food and fun shopping -- they have all that and more! Oh, and Mammoth is extremely dog friendly - so bring your pooch! We'll be bringing ours this Summer! :)

Like we said, we're relative "newbies" to this mountain town, and we can't wait to return and discover more hidden gems. So until then, leave a comment and let us know what we're missing from this list! And we'll be sure to add to it this Summer, when we bring our pup. :) Already counting down the days!  

Visit Sun Valley! A Weekend Winter Wonderland!

Visit Sun Valley! A Weekend Winter Wonderland!

Let’s just say it like it is. We’re a couple of California kids. We wear flip-flops year round, drive with our sunroofs open most days, and warm walks on the beach are a nightly ritual for us - all 12 months of the year! Needless to say, we don’t experience cold weather all that much, and when we do, it’s honestly really exciting. We both have puffy coats and beanies that only get worn a handful of times a year, and we love the idea of cozying up by a warm fire… so this holiday season we were REALLY itching to go somewhere cold. We began hunting for the perfect ski town to visit - we wanted a location that was easy to get to, had beautiful scenery, delicious restaurants, and plenty of activities. The destination that immediately caught our attention and checked every category? SUN VALLEY

Sun Valley, Idaho: A Romantic Couples Getaway

Sun Valley, Idaho: A Romantic Couples Getaway

Bobby and Alli here from Traveling Newlyweds, letting you in on a little secret. We may talk about how we came to Sun Valley to ski… but we really came to eat. The food in this little romantic town is absolutely incredible, and every place has a story and an ambiance that’s out of a movie!! While it’s nearly impossible to narrow down our favorites, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite places to dine in Sun Valley!

Our Ten Favorite Places to Break from the Slopes in Sun Valley

Bobby and Alli here from Traveling Newlyweds, letting you in on a little secret. We may talk about how we came to Sun Valley to ski… but we really came to eat. The food in this little romantic town is absolutely incredible, and every place has a story and an ambiance that’s out of a movie!! While it’s nearly impossible to narrow down our favorites, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite places to dine in Sun Valley!

1. The Pioneer Saloon - If you’ve been to Sun Valley before, chances are you’ve dined at The Pioneer Saloon, and chances are you waited in line at least forty five minutes to do so. (It’s that good!!) Built in the 1940s, The Pioneer Saloon is a hopping spot for locals and visitors alike, and famous for their prime rib. The Western decor and friendly ambiance makes it quite the experience, and their food really is amazing. We ordered as we were directed and were not disappointed - the prime rib and the Jim Spud (the biggest potato you'll ever see). Come hungry... they have big portions, and everything is hearty!

2. The Round House - Fondue by the fire? Say no more! Located at the top of Baldy, it’s quite the experience! We recommend going for a late lunch (they close at 2pm) and ask to be seated by the fire. Take off your boots, warm your toes by the fire, and brace yourself for some of the best fondue you’ll ever have. Warning… you may not get back on the slopes due to food coma. It will most likely be time for a nap. 

3. Grumpy’s - Hands down the best bang for your buck, and a true “local” institution! Grumpy’s is the perfect stop after an afternoon of skiing. Grab yourself an ice cold beer (after gawking at the wall of empty beer cans), a cheeseburger, and a seat at the bar. You’ll be making friends and swapping stories in no time!

4. Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee - Tucked away in a little strip mall, Lizzy’s is the best-kept secret of Ketchum/Sun Valley! Their coffee bar is only open Monday-Friday 8-11:00 AM, so make sure you plan accordingly. Lizzy’s distributes their coffee to several restaurants and shops around town, so you can catch a glimpse of the roasting process as you sip your coffee. We had a blast chatting with Lizzy herself - she’s the sweetest!

5. Trail Creek Cabin - This is quite possibly the most romantic date to have in Sun Valley. You can take a horse-drawn sleigh to the historic Trail Creek Cabin for a 3 course dinner. Every element was picture-perfect, from the incredible starry sky on the sleigh ride, the cocktails that warmed us up, and the delicious meal. We highly, highly recommend doing this… But dress warm, the sleigh ride is cold!

6. Sushi on Second - Because sushi is ALWAYS a good idea, and this local favorite is one of the best!! We recommend making a reservation in advance, and come hungry - as everything on the menu is good! One suggestion would be to explore Ketchum one afternoon, get active with some ice skating at Christina Potter’s Ice Rink as the sun sets, and build up your appetite. We loved the laid-back ambiance of the restaurant, and how friendly and helpful everyone was. Make sure you order their home made ice cream for dessert!

7. Konditorei - This cozy little breakfast spot will have you feeling as though you transported to the Swiss Alps! They boast amazing coffee (they serve Lizzy’s!), to-die-for baked goods, a huge selection of hot sauces (be careful) and tons of healthy options too! This was one spot we wished they had in California - we’d be regulars!!

8. Enoteca - We’re big Italian food fans, and Enoteca blew us away. We ordered a pizza and a pasta and split them, and everything was amazing. The vibe is modern and clean - perfect spot for a date night! Definitely make a reservation, as it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Sun Valley!


9. Warfield Distillery - After an afternoon on the slopes, nothing sounds better than a whiskey cocktail! Warfield Distillery has some of the best drinks in town, and they actually make their own gin, vodka, and beer! No matter what your cocktail of choice is, they have it and know how to make it well. 

10. Wiseguy Pizza Pie - If you’re spending the day exploring Ketchum (we had just strolled through some local art galleries) and need a little pit stop, Wiseguy is our recommendation. We’re not sure what the deal is with their crust - but it is INSANE!! We were passing by and rarely say no to a good-looking pizza pie, so we agreed to share one slice. We took one bite and instantly ordered another (and Bobby was begging for a third). It’s SO good. Go. And thank us later.


There are so many other great restaurants and bars in Sun Valley that we can’t wait to check out next time we visit. If we’re missing any of your favorites, comment on this post and let us know!! We’re already compiling a list for next time! :)