We’re Alli and Bobby Talley, and we are the Traveling Newlyweds. Our passions for travel, good food, and great photography run deep… and our love for each other is even deeper. We believe that being married is the ultimate adventure, and that there is no better time to travel than now!

We aim to inspire couples to explore the beautiful world that we live in, whether that’s through a scenic road trip or an exotic cruise… now more than ever, traveling is attainable, affordable, and doable.


Everyone always asks how we met… and well, it’s not very dramatic, or exciting. Mutual friends introduced us, and while it took some time for Alli to give Bobby a chance, he didn’t give up hope! It took one date at Knott’s Scary Farm (weird, but bonding) for us to realize we had chemistry… and the rest, is history!


We started this blog when we were newly married, hence the name. It was created as a means of sharing our travels with our friends and family, and things grew from there. Alli traveled a lot for her company (31 Bits - check them out!), and Bobby being a high school math teacher, was able to devote his summers and holidays to our overseas (and local) adventures. In July of 2018, we decided to take a leap - quit our jobs, and try to make this our full-time career! 

We may not be “newlyweds” anymore, but we like to say that it’s a mentality - not a time frame. And we’ve never felt like newlyweds more than we do now. Growing together, working together, traveling the world together… Life is a journey, and we’re thrilled to share ours with you!


I am a people-person. Nothing makes me happier than making new friends - wherever we are in the world.

I love finding the best foodie-spots wherever we go. Bobby likes to call me a “Walking Yelp” and I’m totally cool with the title! Give me five minutes to investigate, and I’ll have our whole evening planned: where we’re grabbing drinks, dinner, dessert, and maybe some live music after!

I’m a musical nerd. I’ve probably watched The Greatest Showman over 20 times. I’ve performed in community theater all through high school, and it was some of the best memories of my life! See me boppin’ to my headphones on the plane? I’m probably listening to the Wicked Soundtrack. And I’m PROUD OF IT!

Other things? I love experiencing and learning about new cultures. I love all animals (except reptiles). I love wine. I love ice cream. I love writing. I love spin class. I love candles. I love Christmas. I love pop/r&b music. God has changed my life. 


I’m a numbers guy. I'm not afraid to look a little silly. And I'll go to great lengths to get Alli to laugh. 

While Alli's a foodie, I'm more of just a food consumer. When we first got married, I was extremely impatient as Alli had to peruse and find the best spot. Now, I can be more tolerant when I have a growing appetite, and I'm thankful that my wife finds the best food. If I have to eat anything now, the answer is pizza. And the best pizza is Ballpark Pizza (my family owned it when I was growing up). Feel free to send me your pizza recs!

I like being active. I've alway loved surfing, I was a collegiate pole vaulter at UCLA (Go Bruins!), I coached cross country for the last 6 years (so running became my thing), and now I'm getting into cycling (look for me on the road and give me some space). I enjoy a good book, the Bible never ceases to amaze me, and my favorite movie is Forest Gump.

Last but not least, I love coffee and whiskey... I think equally. The aroma of coffee in the morning as I'm barely waking up, or the flavor mid-afternoon when I need a pick-me-up. There's nothing better. And then whiskey, there are so many types and flavors and smells... a never ending landscape to explore. I hope that in my old age I am a whisky aficionado, and I can help anybody find something they'd like.  Come over and I'll pour you a dram of scotch. 


Sally is a Bernedoodle, born on a farm in Illinois. She’s spunky, dopey, smart, silly, and has more personality than your average dog. She barks on command, doesn’t shed, and loves cuddling more than a 65 pound dog should. She’s a diva with the food she eats (we spoiled her young and never recovered), she loves riding in the car, and she’s deathly afraid of seashells (not kidding). She has learned to love travel as much as we do, and we try to take her on every adventure that we can!