People sometimes say that marriage holds you down.

Life stops.

Fun stops.

Say goodbye to spontaneity and hello to routine and responsibility. 

We're Bobby and Alli. 

We've been married since April 26, 2014, and we are here to prove that marriage is the ultimate adventure. We're not only best friends - we're each other's favorite travel buddy! 


Bobby (a high school math teacher by day) is the planner. He's detailed, street smart, good with numbers, and nothing brings him more joy than finding a killer deal on a round-trip flight to an exotic location. He also has a rating system when it comes to hotel showers (he's yet to find a perfect 10).

Alli (a marketing director by day) is the foodie. She's constantly on yelp, asking strangers for recommendations, and dragging Bobby from one restaurant to the next. She loves making new friends, cruises, and walking for miles in cool, new cities. 

We started Traveling Newlyweds after some prodding from our friends, and hope that we can bring some entertainment, humor, and travel inspiration to your day. No matter what age you are, if you're married or not, what career you're in...  we encourage you to travel! You won't regret it. You probably won't want to come home.