Meet Our Luggage: Delsey Paris

Our biggest traveling game changer.

Let’s be real. Traveling with old, bulky, and broken luggage is the WORST. 

When we first started traveling together, we were both using suitcases we’d had for years - and those suitcases were the cause of several arguments, bad attitudes, and really, REALLY dramatic travel days. One day we realized we couldn’t do it anymore. Our luggage was weighing us down (literally), and the idea of trying to use them “just one more time” was not going to fly.

We started investigating luggage and were immediately overwhelmed. Those of you that have shopped for luggage recently know that the possibilities are endless. There are countless brands, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Finding one that is actually durable, lightweight, and affordable is a lot harder than you would think.

It took some research, but we found them. We were drawn in by their style and price, and then blown away by their durability, weight, and functionality. We hope that if you're in the market for new luggage, that you will trust us and give Delsey a try!

Delsey is a French luggage and travel accessory brand that has an impressive assortment of colorful, stylish, and theft-proof luggage pieces. We currently have 3, and will give you a brief rundown of each.  

First, we both have the Helium Titanium 21" Carry-On Expandable Spinner Trolley. Our favorite features are right there in the name. Helium. It is INCREDIBLY light. Titanium. It has a solid hard-shell exterior that will keep your delicate items safe and secure. Expandable. While this piece is a carry-on, it also has an expandable feature that provides you with more space if needed. Perfect for the souvenirs you need room for on the way home. Spinner. Neither of us knew that wheels could spin so smoothly on luggage. If you see us walking around the airport with these bags, it won't be uncommon for you to see Bobby shoving his bag and marveling at how fast and smooth it whizzes away from him. The smooth roll may not sound like a big deal, but we're confident you will let us know when you experience it and are as satisfied as we are.

Next up is the Helium Shadow 3.0 29" Spinner Suiter Trolley. This is Bobby's go to for bigger trips where we are checking bags. Like the carry-on, this bag is light, hard-shelled, and really smooth. The unique part of this luggage is the top lid opening, which is super useful when packing and unpacking. 

The other piece we have is the Honore+ 27" Spinner Trolley. This is a beautiful piece of luggage. Along with the same Delsey features as the others, the Honore+ also features a heavy duty aluminum frame with a single click opening system. It is amazing. This case is stylish and sophisticated, and is Alli's choice to bring along whenever possible. 

By now we’ve taken our Delsey suitcases to Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean, South Africa, Uganda, and more, and we’re amazed at how well they’ve held up. Pushing our trusty luggage through the airport, down the street, even up several flights of stairs is a breeze. We can honestly say they’ve made our travel days a lot more enjoyable! ;)

So, friends, there you have it. Our biggest traveling game changer is definitely our Delsey luggage. We won’t leave home without them!