When Traveling with Your Spouse, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Goofy…

Traveling with your spouse is the best. There's nothing better than exploring new places and cultures with your favorite person on earth! While you and your spouse may travel a little differently and have diverse personalities, we'd like to propose a challenge. On your next trip together, don't be afraid to be GOOFY! 

Whether you are the extrovert who is the first one on stage during Karaoke, or the shy recluse who would rather hole up in your room and read a book, we ask that you push the boundaries of silliness on your next trip. Here’s why…

Being silly will help you make more friends. When we challenge you to be goofy, we’re asking that you let your hair down and have fun. In those moments, you will have a smile on your face and your joy will be contagious. People gravitate towards those that are having a good time, so naturally you will meet more friends!  On our trip to Fort Myers & Sanibel Island, we had the opportunity to bond with some fellow bloggers, as well as some random locals along the way. We went on an incredible parasailing adventure with Sunny Island Adventures as well as a beautiful kayaking tour of J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. While we have INCREDIBLE memories from the scenery of those excursions, our favorite memories are those with our new friends. Driving in the rain belting Adele’s new song or jumping for joy when spotting a manatee outside the Harbourside Grill… we treasure those!


Acting goofy will cause you and your spouse to develop a unique sense of humor with inside jokes and memories that are yours… and only yours. This is probably one of our favorite things about marriage. As you live life together, you develop a ridiculous sense of humor that is completely yours. Most of the humor that we have between us probably is not that funny to others around us. But that makes it more fun :) This happens more while we are traveling, because while traveling you are often relaxed, stress-free, and often have days full of laughter. Traveling also wears you down, and those moments come where you lash out because you are hungry (Bobby) or you have some strange comments in your sleep (Alli). Sometimes these happenings cause mini fights in the moment (Bobby’s hanger), but give us years of laughter when reminiscing.

Being wacky will gain more trust and respect for one another. Whether it is watching the other one dance crazy, or grabbing the microphone and singing karaoke, we think being goofy builds trust and respect. Often being goofy can be really vulnerable, and embarrassing. Going for it with the one you love screams, “I love you, I trust you, and I don’t care what anybody thinks of me but you”. 

A little silliness makes vacation more RELAXING and more of an ESCAPE from your normal. This may sound like more of the same, but it’s just a reminder to let loose a little bit on vacation. Vacation is meant to get away from the daily grind, so let yourself do that. Eat some ice cream, go on the kid’s waterslide, and climb the palm trees if you want to!

Getting out of your comfort zone = more fun! One way we do this is by taking ridiculous pictures. On our trip to Sanibel Island, we found some great spots for fun photos on Cabbage Key as well as in town on Sanibel. While you may get some awkward stares while snapping the photo, you will have great memories from the experience!

Whether you have a spouse, a significant other, or are traveling solo, we think these are great reasons why you should push the envelope of silliness. It will make your trips more memorable, and you will make new friends to share those experiences with. We’d love for you to send us an email and share with us how you unwind, relax, and act goofy. Happy traveling! 


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