Laguna Beach Winter Weekend Getaway

We recently spent an AMAZING weekend in Laguna Beach! You can follow along on the @VisitLaguna Instagram! In the meantime, here are some of our favorite photos from our time in our favorite coastal town. 

Casa Laguna is a quaint, cozy seaside hotel that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Even with the great weather, we always appreciate an intimate area to enjoy a drink with a fireplace. The room has beautiful decor, a spacious bathroom, and a nice patio where our pup Sally could relax :)

Can you believe this is January? We love southern California!

Oceanfront and candlelit at Splashes... can it get any better? 

Brunch at Harvest and dinner at Driftwood Kitchen... These incredible restaurants made sure we definitely did not leave hungry.

Lunch and a shopping spree at Tommy Bahama! Best. Weekend. Ever. 

The Visit Laguna Beach app allows you to have perfect timing on the trolley so you can make it to Mozambique in time for the rockin' live music!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog for details on why you should spend your Valentine's Day in Laguna Beach! Ocean. Food. Romance. We probably don't need to say much more than that... but we will :)