Waking Up In A Dream :: Cavas Wine Lodge

The first stop on our trip to Argentina and Chile with Latam Airlines (more about our flying experience here) was the Cavas Wine Lodge

Every couple of years we find ourselves in a place where we truly wish we could stop time. Where everything we see, eat, do, is pure magic. Where we repeatedly turn to each other and say “Is this real?” Where we text our family and friends and say “Take good care of the dog, we’re never coming home.” Where we plot and plan the milestone opportunities to one day return, “Maybe for our ten year anniversary? Should we renew our vows here?” Where the hotel staff feels like family, and where some of our favorite memories are made. 

There only been a couple of places that have given us this kind of a reaction, (the Tintswalo Atlantic in South Africa and the La Bandita Townhouse in Tuscany are two that come to mind) and we almost get overwhelmed with how to accurately capture and describe what we’ve experienced. Nothing beats experiencing a place first-hand, but we’re going to do our best to share about one of our new favorite spots in the world: Cavas Wine Lodge.

Located in Mendoza, Argentina, Cavas Wine Lodge is right in the middle of a wine-lovers dream. You take a long dirt road through rolling vineyards and tree-covered paths to the gated entrance. It almost feels like you’ve entered a secluded palace, as you drive up to a regal white lobby with a friendly staff waiting at the door to welcome you. You’re immediately handed a glass of wine, and just like that, you know you’ve basically checked in to heaven itself. 

There are 17 suites on the property, all very private and secluded, with stunning views of the vineyards and the Andes Mountains in the distance. None of the rooms have televisions, and rightfully so. The views alone are all you need! Every room has its own private plunge pool, indoor fireplace, and upstairs terrace - with another fireplace. Oh, the terrace. Not only is it the perfect spot to lounge and stargaze, you can even have your breakfast or dinner delivered there… where the lovely staff will set up the most romantic, picture-perfect meal of your life. (Are you booking your trip yet? Just wait. There’s more.)

In case you didn't know, Bobby is a self-proclaimed expert shower critic. Whenever we go somewhere new, he has his 1-10 ranking on the shower and can spend more time than you'd want explaining how a shower earned a certain value. While you stay at Cavas, your room will have 2 showers. The one inside is a solid shower, probably an 8.5 (if you want a breakdown on why, send us an email). But outside, you have a shower that may just be one of the few 10's we've come across. Not only is the shower's pressure and water temp flawless, but you are surrounded by vineyards and looking out on the Andes. The suites have been designed so that you can shower here and be looking out on the incredible landscape, but also have complete privacy. Definitely Bobby's favorite part about Cavas!

The Cavas Wine Lodge grounds are something out of a movie. The path to the suites are covered in vines, the grounds are lush with fresh fruits and vegetables, and at night they light fire pits throughout the vineyards. There were moments where we’d meander throughout the property and squeal with delight - it really was too good to be true. 

Breakfasts at Cavas are at your leisure, and they were heavenly. The breakfast buffet had everything you could want - fresh cut fruit, pastries, cheese and cold cuts, avocado, even chocolate eggs on Easter morning! In addition, there was a made-to-order menu, where guests can order egg dishes and traditional Argentinean breakfasts. 

One of our most memorable evenings of the trip was when Cavas hosted a Tango show and Argentinean BBQ. We sipped champagne and tasted hors d’ovrues as we watched a couple dance around the outdoor amphitheater. One of then owners of the lodge was there to share some of the background of the Tango in between songs. At the end of the show they had a lesson where people from the audience could step in, and of course Bobby gave it a try!

It goes without saying that the BBQ was absolutely delicious. Perfectly cooked steak and a wine flight… how can you go wrong with that combo?!

Another highlight from our stay at Cavas Wine Lodge was the spa, where we experienced a Bonarda Bath. Bonarda is a red wine, and we soaked in it. Yes, you heard that right. A red wine bath - Alli's dream? The combination of the red wine and the essential oils is incredibly relaxing, and it stimulates your circulatory system. It was glorious! 

We could write another whole blog (and we just may) on the little details that make Cavas special. Here are a few of them: upon arrival they have a glass of wine ready for you, you can call to have a fire lit for you whenever you'd like, you can check-in from your room and have no rush to take care of those details, there are no tvs, the mini-bar is free and always restocked, you can have any meal delivered to your room or terrace... and the list goes on. Trust us. 

We hope that between our photos and commentary, you’re sold on Cavas Wine Lodge. It’s the kind of place that until you experience it for yourself, you just won’t fully grasp its perfection. So do us a favor.. plan a trip. And invite us. We’re really fun travel buddies.