5000 Miles, Podcasts, and a Heated Steering Wheel :: Driving Through the US & Canada in our Acura MDX

Over 5,000 miles of driving. 

One whole month on the road. 

Just the two of us. Oh, and our 60 pound dog. 


Are we crazy? Probably… but these past four weeks have been some of the craziest/best/most rewarding times of our lives. When we started planning our journey, we knew we needed to do this whole thing right. After all, that’s a lot of time just the two (err.. three!) of us, and that’s a heck of a lot of time in a car. We both have smaller, older cars that are great for getting from A to Z, but when it comes to driving cross country, we weren’t sure they would make it. Thankfully, our friends at Acura let us try out a brand new, bright red, 2018 Acura MDX… what we affectionately titled “Red Rover”.

With Red Rover, it was love at first sight. From the shiny, sleek exterior to the spacious, luxe interior, the Acura MDX is the perfect mix of sporty yet efficient. When you’re driving the MDX you feel more like you’re gliding, and every feature (and there are so many features!) is perfectly placed on the dashboard. The seats - oh, the seats. They’re like butter. Not like sticky and gooey butter, but like soft, comfy, airy butter. Too much? Regardless, we were instantly obsessed - suddenly somehow the idea of driving 5,000 miles cross country didn’t sound too bad!

It didn’t take us long to realize that once you have an MDX, you’re a part of the “club”. We’d pass other Acura MDX’s on our journey, and they’d all smile and wave at us - like we were already friends! One campground we went to, the cabin next to us had an MDX as well. We spent a solid thirty minutes talking to them about road tripping through the US, and how they wouldn’t do it in anything but their MDX. We whole-heartedly agreed!


We found ourselves driving through all sorts of terrain with Red Rover - through windy, cliff-lined roads along the California Coast, to chasing waterfalls along bumpy dirt roads in Alberta, Canada, she handled it like a CHAMP. We felt safe in our Acura MDX, it’s sturdy, reliable, and even though it’s big, it’s incredibly easy to maneuver. In the entire month we were gone, we never had a single problem (except Bobby might have gotten pulled over once)!

Fast-forward to the end of our trip, and even our Bernedoodle Sally was obsessed with Red Rover. Using a set from Kurgo (highly recommend!) we transformed the whole middle row (there’s three rows - we’re telling you, it’s huge!) to accommodate our 60-pound fur ball. We weren’t sure how Sally was going to handle such long days on the road, but she LOVED it. (These pictures are proof.) There were plenty of air vents to keep her cool, and the row was big enough for her to stretch out, lay down, go from one window to the next, and even rest her head on our shoulders. (Our personal favorite.)

Looking back, we remarked how amazing it was that we never once got homesick. Not once! We 100% attribute that to the fact that Red Rover really became our home! Even though we stopped at over twenty cities along the way, we always had a “home base” in our Acura MDX. We’d have our little “things” placed right where we’d need them - both pairs of sunglasses had their home, our mints were in a hidden compartment in between the seats, the XM radio was programmed to our favorite stations, and our seat heaters (and coolers!) were set to just the right temperature. It may sound silly, but these little routines gave us a sense of normalcy throughout our trip that really made a big difference. Not to mention our luggage fit perfectly in the back - and we had a LOT of luggage!

There’s a lot we already miss about life on the road - the constant adventure, the random stops places we’d find ourselves in, the friends we’d make… but we especially miss Red Rover. Yep, even after 5,000 miles in the Acura MDX, we’re still every bit as obsessed as we were on day one. Maybe even more so. It was the PERFECT adventure car. And would be the perfect family car one day… maybe in the not-so-distant future. :)

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Stoked on Revelstoke! We'll Be Back!

Revelstoke definitely took us by surprise. We didn’t know much about this little mountain town in British Columbia, but when the word “stoke” is in the name, you know it just might be cool. And it definitely was.


Just a couple hours north of Kelowna, Revelstoke sits in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, and attracts ski, snowboard, and ski-jumping enthusiasts. You may not have heard of it, because their runs are not for the faint of heart. Steep, challenging, and advanced level are all words that locals use to describe Revelstoke’s ski runs. In short, this is where the pro’s go. And in the summertime, it’s a nature-lovers dream! There’s stunning scenery, epic trails, and even a “Pipe Mountain Coaster”! (More on that below) Here’s where we stayed, where we ate, and what we did (you know, the most important things) during our time in Revelstoke… Enjoy!



We stayed at the quaint Regent Hotel, right in the middle of downtown Revelstoke, for two nights. Not only did we love this hotel’s location, we loved how attentive they were to their guests. The staff was incredibly friendly and accomodating - and in two short days they felt like family! They also are home to a few of our favorite Revelstoke restaurants… more on those below!



River City Pub (located in the Regents Hotel): Typically when we think of “pub food” we think of mediocre burgers, cold french fries, and flavorless mac n’ cheese. Not the case with this cozy pub! Not only is the food REALLY good, but the vibe is fun too! Play pool and make some friends while you’re there!


112 Restaurant & Lounge (located in the Regents Hotel): Intimate, romantic, and downright delicious… 112 is the premier “date spot” in Revelstoke. This steakhouse is the perfect mix of modern and classic - and their menu is mouth-wateringly good. You won’t go wrong.


Dose Coffee: This trendy coffee spot not only has super fast wifi (always a plus!!), but really great coffee, and really friendly service! We came here three times! (We didn’t try the food, but it looked good!)


Big Bend Cafe: Hearty breakfasts and fresh, substantial lunch. This is the spot to come for nourishment after a long morning hike. We were big fans of their salads!


The Modern Bakeshop and Cafe: Oh man, we’re still craving their baked goods… everything we tried was delicious! Several gluten free options and “healthy” baked options, so you won’t feel as bad for ordering a few!


Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery: Both nights we spent in Revelstoke, this was always our first stop. Not only are they dog friendly (you read that right - you can bring your dog INSIDE!), but their cocktails are incredible. Bobby loved the Caesar (Canadian Bloody Mary that's like a whole meal!), and Alli loved the Julip!



The Pipe Mountain Coaster: If you love a good thrill, you HAVE to do the Pipe Mountain Coaster. After all, it IS Revelstoke’s #1 summer attraction! This coaster takes you down a track over a mile long, through lots of twists, turns and drops… it’s a freaking BLAST!!

Hike to Bigbee Falls: This was one of our favorite hikes on our trip. It’s lush, and green, and the falls are the most perfect shade of blue. You can roam all along the falls - just be careful!

Explore Downtown: Downtown Revelstoke is storybook cute. Spend some time exploring the shops and restaurants, and on Saturday’s the have an amazing farmers market!

There you have it. Our list is rather short, simply because we were only in Revelstoke for two days. But it’s safe to say we are Revel-STOKED and can’t wait to come back!!


Great Wine North of the Border - Kelowna, Canada

Driving into Canada was quite the thrill. We had no idea what to expect - having heard mixed reviews as to whether it would be an all-day ordeal, or a drive-right-in kind of experience. Thankfully, it was the latter. (Make sure you have your passports, and if you’re bringing your pet(s) that you have their proper documentation!) We waited maaaaaaybe 20 minutes to cross the border - and just like that, we were in Canada!!

We entered through the Oroville/Osoyoos area (which was SO FAST), and the drive into Kelowna was absolutely breathtaking. We passed through lush farmland with dozens of produce stands (we stopped for peaches and cherries- and they were DELICIOUS), and made our way through rolling, green vineyards, all the way to the picturesque town of Kelowna.

Kelowna is one of those towns that makes you think, “How come I’ve never heard of this place before?” Located right on the Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna boasts beautiful hotels, award-winning restaurants, lake activities, golf, breweries, cideries, distilleries, picture-perfect wineries, and SO MUCH MORE. (Whew. That was a long sentence.)

We checked into the Delta Hotels Grand Okanagan Resort, located right on the Okanagan Lake, jaws dropped and in awe… It’s truly a stunning property! Sally was welcomed right away with a goodie bag full of treats and pampering deals, and the welcome desk was incredibly helpful and kind.

Our room was bright, airy and spacious - with plenty of room for the 3 of us to stretch out. The Grand Okanagan team even left some treats for Bobby and I too… which is always a fun surprise! Our room looked out at their charming pool area, and while we never had time to take advantage of it, we ALWAYS appreciate a good pool where we stay!!

Now, let’s talk wineries. We had NO IDEA Kelowna had such incredible wine. The Okanagan Valley is British Columbia’s premier grape growing region, with over 180 licensed wineries! Because of high import fees and taxes, these wines rarely make it outside of Canada - which makes them extra special! Tasting fees are usually only around $5/person, and are waved if you buy a bottle or two. Some of our favorites wineries we visited were:

  • Hatch Winery: Awesome branding, great wines, great staff. A local favorite - and for good reason!

  • Quail's Gate: Beautiful views and delicious wine! Definitely one of the more popular, touristy wineries, but worth a stop!

  • Mission Hill: Another popular/touristy spot, but their property is STUNNING - and we absolutely loved their wine!

  • Arrowleaf Cellars: This boutique winery may have been our favorite. They have incredible views of the lake, and several delicious varietals. Next time we’ll do lunch on their veranda - it’s breathtaking!

It goes without saying that we did NOT go hungry while we were in Kelowna. The Grand Okanagan Hotel is walking distance to just about every good restaurant in the city, and we’re pretty sure we hit up most of them. Some notable ones that should not be missed, are:

  • Bean Scene for Coffee: We went here every day. Our friend Holly told us about their famous “Cosmic Cookie” and how it changed her life. It changed ours too.

  • Sunny’s Modern Diner for Breakfast: Delicious, hearty breakfasts with a twist. Bobby ordered Chicks on a Raft, which had scrambled eggs, bacon, green onion, sharp cheddar and PEANUT BUTTER, all on a baguette - sounds weird (and is), but he's still raving about it. 

  • BNA Brewing Co: Awesome beers and cocktails, but if nothing else, come here for the zucchini fries. One of the best things we had in Kelowna. (Oh, and they have a pretty sweet bowling alley in the restaurant too!)

  • Antico Pizza: Thin crust pizza that tastes like it’s fresh off of the streets in Italy. Need we say more?

Even though we were only there for a few nights, Kelowna could easily be a week-long destination. From going out on the lake, to wine tasting, to exploring the city center.. There’s SO much to do. From what the locals told us, fall is an epic time to come. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and it’s not as busy as the summer season.

We’re in.