La Réserve Paris: A Magical 24 Hours in Complete Luxury

La Réserve Paris was one of the greatest 24 hour experiences of our lives. Please, if you have the opportunity to really indulge, stay here.

We want to keep this blog post simple. If we dwell on this experience too long, we feel that nothing else will ever compare and the remainder of our life we will be dissatisfied with our accommodations. If you know us, you may know we like to tell stories and occasionally embellish, but this is not the case with the La Réserve hotel brand. The goal of the brand is to offer the comfort of refined simplicity along with an uncluttered, unpretentious hotel experience. To us, it really redefined what a luxury hotel stay feels like. Or maybe we should say it defined it for the first time? 

To begin our stay we were greeted warmly by the concierge, as well as Valerie, who assisted us during our time at La Réserve. We had a short tour of the property, and then were taken up to our amazing suite. Here’s a rundown of our room, along with photos (they do not do it justice)…

When we walked in, the staff had so generously left us a bottle of champagne. It was the perfect way to start exploring our room.  

Right off the bat we have to mention that we had two bathrooms. We don’t have two bathrooms in our home in Costa Mesa, so this is already a luxury. Bobby was slightly obsessed (understatement) with the toilets. The toilet has an automatic, heated seat, as well as numerous options to assist with cleanliness. It is ridiculous.

The room has a fully stocked bar (coffee, soda, waters, spirits, whiskey, etc.) that would be replenished every time we left, a massive living room, and a bed that made us feel as if we were lying on a Cumulus cloud.

There are 3 TV’s in the room, all concealed by mirrors. So, when they are off, it’s just a mirror. Bobby was slightly obsessed (understatement) with this too.

Aside from the toilets in the bathroom, the room is also equipped with heated floors, heated towel racks, a massive bath tub (where one of the TVs is situated), and a perfect shower. It has a 16 by 16-inch square rainfall showerhead, amazing water pressure, and the room is soundproof (so you can sing at the top of your lungs!). Bobby has a shower rating system, based on numerous factors, and this is one of the only 10’s we have come across!

We appreciate a nice, comfy robe to lounge in. La Réserve provides you with two robes. A thin, light robe and a big, fluffy robe. Thank you, La Réserve, for that magnificent touch.

The room is equipped with two iPads that control everything you can imagine. The TV, the lights, if we need help from Valerie… anything.

Okay, so that is probably enough about the room. Just go. Trust us.

While you are there, spend one-night dining at Le Gabriel, the Michelin Two-starred restaurant at La Réserve. The restaurant offers contemporary French cuisine that is inspired by the season. Our summer meal included duck liver, lobster ravioli, mackerel, pigeon, and a variety of other mind-blowing courses. Each of the 10 courses was presented creatively with high quality ingredients that left our taste buds craving more while our stomachs cried “slow down!”

After an amazing dinner and good night of rest in our room, we headed back to Le Gabriel for breakfast. There we were dazzled again with delicious pastries and lattes. We both just wanted time to slow down, because we knew our time at La Réserve was coming to a close.


It has taken us nearly 9 months to post this blog because we thought we could never recover from such an amazing experience. While we love to travel and are obsessed with great hotels, La Réserve made us feel like we should retire from this gig at the top. But then again, La Réserve’s flagship is in Geneva! We are hopeful to stay with La Réserve again, and are now on a journey to find hotels that create experiences as magical as we had here.

Thank you, La Réserve, for an incredible stay!