Exploring San Jose del Cabo

Exploring San Jose del Cabo

So, we just got back form the most epic stay at Paradisus Los Cabos, our favorite all-inclusive resort to date. It has everything - gorgeous rooms, amazing food, swim-up pools, tons of amenities, the BEST margaritas… we could go on and on. Another thing that they have going for them is the LOCATION. Located just ten minutes away from San José del Cabo and thirty minutes from Cabo San Lucas, it’s the perfect spot to feel “away” from the madness yet “close enough” to explore! During our stay we decided to spend a day in San José del Cabo, partially because it’s so close, but also because it’s one of our favorite towns in Mexico.

Eating Our Way Through Paradisus Los Cabos

Eating Our Way Through Paradisus Los Cabos

We love to eat. There, we said it. If we’re really being honest, we oftentimes pick our next destination based on food. (We went to Japan 80% for the food, 20% for everything else.) 

So before going to Paradisus Los Cabos, we were skeptical that an all-inclusive resort could live up to our usual high-standards of cuisine. Spoiler alert: the food blew us away. With seven restaurants, seven bars, and incredible room service (our favorite!), Paradisus Los Cabos is a tasty and creative mecca for sometimes-snobby foodies like ourselves.

Paradisus Los Cabos: Why We Can't Stay Away

Paradisus Los Cabos: Why We Can't Stay Away

We aren’t typically the kind of travelers that go to the same place twice. Our travel bucket-list is just too big, and our wanderlust spirits have us always on the hunt for new destinations to explore. That being said, there have been a handful of spots that we will continue coming back to, year after year, and Paradisus Los Cabos is one of those places!


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “with all of that travel and fancy food, how do you stay in shape?!”  And our secret is… Instagram filters!! No, but seriously. It’s a challenge!  (Especially when you’re foodies like us!) We recently vacationed at the Paradisus Los Cabos, where endless decadent food and drinks were at our disposal. It was all too good and too tempting to pass up!! Here are some of our tricks for indulging, and not even feeling sorry about it!


We started every morning at the Paradisus with a dip in the pool - which is easy when you have a swim up suite!! We’d make a game out of who could swim the most laps, who could come up with the most creative routines, who could kick the fastest… You get the picture. After a half and hour we had blood circulating, metabolism spiked, and we were ready to “dive” into breakfast! (get it?!)


Maybe it’s because we’re California kids, or maybe we’re just super trendy… but we LOVE green juice. At the Paradisus they make a fresh squeezed green juice that’s out of this world! We’d start every breakfast with it, and we found that it would quickly fill us up! We’d still order our usual waffles and eggs benedict… but we made sure we got our greens in first. We’re all about balance. ;)


While we are big fans of “getting our tan on”, there’s only so much sitting still that we can do! The Paradisus activity staff had numerous activities throughout the day to keep busy bodies like us occupied. From yoga, to pool aerobics and mixology classes by the beach… there was always something to do! Staying on the move kept our appetites peaked - and we weren’t mad about it!


One of the final ways we trick ourselves into exercising is taking a romantic walk to watch the sunset. At the Paradisus we had the entire beach to ourselves… so we usually ended up walking a little longer and further than normal. It was peaceful, refreshing, and sparked amazing conversations. Our sunset walks were some of our favorite memories while in Cabo - and by the time we made it back to the resort we were more than ready to eat dinner!


Ok. So there you have some of our “tricks” for having your cake while you’re on vacation, and eating it too. But our biggest tip for you is to just let go!!! Enjoy where you are, and don’t worry about anything else. At the Paradisus Los Cabos the food and drinks were SO good, our motto quickly became “YOLO” (You Only Live Once)! Vacation is meant to be enjoyed… so enjoy it!!! As we like to say, “Our diet starts tomorrow.” ;)

What We Learned in Cabo

Those that travel often know how much international travel can shape you. No matter where we are, we’re constantly being pushed and challenged in new and invigorating ways. There’s no better way to learn about the beautiful world we live in than by being immersed into new cultures, skills, and traditions. From learning how to cook traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto to learning how to cha cha on the Caribbean seas, we’ve been able to experience some pretty awesome things. 

We just returned home from the beautiful Paradisus Los Cabos resort - an all-inclusive resort located in between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This trip was the PERFECT infusion of pampering relaxation and sensational cultural experiences. Here’s what we learned!



Tequila vs. Mezcal. Do you know the difference? Have you ever had Mezcal? They were both born in Mexico, but are very different. They are both made from the agave plant, but the process of making Mezcal involves baking part of the agave plant in an underground oven. This gives Mescal its distinct smokey taste. We learned this at our incredible tequila and mezcal tasting at Paradisus. We had the chance to taste multiple tequilas and mezcals, which presents a perfect opportunity to learn the differences and what we prefer. This is not an experience for getting wild and drunk (although it would be possible), but rather one for refining taste and learning what you like. Both of us learned through this that we preferred añejo tequila to both reposado and blanco. With Mezcal, we liked it all. We are fans of the smokier stuff. This is the perfect type of experience to indulge in at Paradisus. You’re getting culture, cuisine, and some valuable knowledge you can bring home. So awesome!

YOGA (The Paradisus way)

What’s better than some poolside zen to start your day? We try to attend yoga classes as much as possible when we travel - as every culture approaches it differently. At the Paradisus, we learned new stretching, breathing, and meditating techniques we’d never seen before! From balancing on our tip toes to a new take on the downward dog, we were motivated and challenged by our energetic instructors… And can you beat this view?! Definitely one of our favorite yoga sessions to date!


Bobby here. I’ve always been fascinated by cigars, so when I heard that the Paradisus team would be hosting a cigar rolling class, I was just a little excited. Ok, I was REALLY excited. We had THE Cabo Cigar Roller at Paradisus with an amazing setup of cigars, and soon-to-be-made cigars. He first talked us through and demonstrated how he would roll a cigar. He showed us the filler tobacco and how he rolls it together to form the insides of the cigar. Next, we learned about the final wrapping leaf, and how it is normally the highest quality of the tobacco leaves. We used a small amount of a glue-like paste to help the wrapping tobacco adhere to the filler, and then used a small Chaveta knife to properly cut the leaves. Once the cigar is rolled, you use a circular tool (essentially a mini cookie cutter) to cut the last piece that goes on the front of the cigar. After that, you are ready to light it up and enjoy! My cigar was decent… but let’s just say this whole experience made me appreciate the art of rolling cigars that much more! Thank you Paradisus and Cabo Cigar Roller!


Alli here, and you read that right. Probably not the first cultural experience when you think of Mexico… but hey - that’s the beauty of staying at the Paradisus! They happen to have one of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Mexico, so what better place to learn! I learned how to flip, grill, and perfectly season an amazing array of veggies and meats. And coming from a girl that has difficulty multi tasking - it’s a lot harder than it looks! I think I’ll leave this one to the experts at the Paradisus.

Even in a short, 3 day weekend, we came home from the Paradisus Los Cabos with new skills, new friends, and tons of new memories. We didn’t even have time to attend the tortilla making, ride horses on the beach at sunset, learn to roll sushi, or learn about cocktails at the mixology class! Guess we have to save some things for next time, right? ;)