5 Reasons Everyone Should Love Boingo


Chances are you’ve seen that name before, most likely when you’re hunting for free Wi-Fi. But do you know what it is? Throughout our travels we’ve seen Boingo Wireless pop up almost everywhere, from international terminals to neighborhood coffee shops, but we’d never understood exactly what Boingo was - or how to use it - until now!

As we were planning our most recent trip to Kauai, we realized that finding fast, dependable Wi-Fi on the island was going to be a challenge. As we began researching our Wi-Fi options, we once again came across Boingo and were amazed at what we discovered. Boingo helps the world stay connected to the people and things they love, no matter where they are. But it’s so much more.

Here’s our 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Know [And Love!] Boingo:


That’s right. There’s no hidden costs, no “sign up now, pay later” gimmicks, no confusing referral codes. Boingo is FREE in the airports it services. Whether at JFK, LAX, Kauai, or Dubai, Boingo has your connectivity needs covered.

Jumping for joy because of the super fast (and free) Wi-Fi at John Wayne Airport!

Jumping for joy because of the super fast (and free) Wi-Fi at John Wayne Airport!

Pre-flight Wi-Fi at SNA

Boingo Wi-Fi while waiting for our bags? Yes please!


There’s a reason why Boingo has won “Best Wi-Fi Service” in Global Traveler magazine’s GT Tested reader survey awards NINE times… it’s SO easy to use! Boingo keeps travelers connected with its amazing, next-gen Passpoint hotspots - a technology that automatically connects travelers to Wi-Fi with no login or passwords required. Let us say it again. IT AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTS YOU TO WI-FI WITH NO LOGIN OR PASSWORDS REQUIRED. Can you even?!? It’s genius!!

One of the biggest issues/frustrations/headaches we get when we’re flying is figuring out airport Wi-Fi logins, passwords, etc. Oftentimes the connection is fickle and the process to connect can be lengthy - those of you that travel frequently know what a hassle this can be! We flew out of our local airport  (John Wayne, or SNA) to Lihue (LIH) and with Boingo Passpoint we were automatically connected to Wi-Fi the moment we walked inside.

We can’t stress how amazing and life changing this is! Bravo, Boingo!

So sad to leave Hawaii. But so happy about the blazing fast Wi-Fi at Lihue Airport!


There are more than 1 million Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. From airports, to stadiums, convention centers, multifamily communities, military bases, commercial properties, and beyond… Boingo is everywhere! You’ll find Boingo’s award-winning Wi-Fi across six continents, and chances are the airports, hotels, restaurants, and cafes you frequent have a Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot. The Boingo Wi-Finder app makes it easy to locate the hotspots through an interactive map, and even select flights offer the service!

While we were in Kauai, we were thrilled by how many Boingo hotspots we found throughout the island. Whether we were grabbing coffee or poke bowls, or checking out the nearby five-star resort, we found multiple hotspots nearly everywhere we went. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to stay connected - even in such a lush, tropical location!

We stayed connected all over Kauai thanks to Boingo!

Wi-Fi while having shave ice? Yes please!

Staying connected gave us flexibility to work in the morning and hike off all the Hawaiian pancakes we ate in the afternoon


With connection speeds of up to 100 Mbps, Boingo is blazing-fast. The company has made significant investments in its Wi-Fi networks to ensure a consistent user experience that not only delivers speed and ease of use, but security as well. Whether you’re using Boingo for work or for streaming your favorite show, Boingo helps keep your information safe.

Speaking of streaming, you know a Wi-Fi service is fast when it can download your favorite Netflix shows in about a minute, and the Boingo hotspot at John Wayne Airport passed the test with flying colors! We had multiple episodes of Parks & Rec cued up for our flight with time to spare!


As the leading provider of airport Wi-Fi, Boingo can be found in many airports around the world, and their reach continues to expand. Delivering first class amenities like free, unlimited Wi-Fi is part of Boingo’s commitment to bring more convenience to travelers and make their travel time more enjoyable.

From John Wayne Airport, to the several Boingo hotspots in Kauai, to flying out of Lihue Airport, we were connected nearly our entire trip, without a single hitch. Boingo has officially changed how we travel, and we know it will for you too.

Learn more about Boingo’s global Wi-Fi access passes and sign up here!

Staying connected while on vacation mode is the BEST


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