Essential Gear Spotlight - JOBY HandyPod Mobile

Bobby, here! In recent weeks we’ve been getting requests to share about our favorite gear, our “essentials”, if you will. As traveling content creators, we’ve found that we really appreciate and navigate towards gear that is extremely efficient. Efficient in doing its particular job well, and in saving space, as we’re often traveling out of the car and have enough between the two of us (not to mention Sally!).

All that to say, the JOBY HandyPod Mobile has been a recent addition that will undoubtedly be with us on every trip to come. It’s a small phone tripod that is ideal for mobile content creators like us, because of its compact and versatile design. The tripod is stable and secure for our phones, and it also has collapsable legs that then transforms it into a perfect handheld for selfies, video, etc.

We took it with us on our recent trip to Bend, and used it as we brewery-hopped around town with Sally. The built-in ballhead allowed us to capture both landscape and portrait shots. And a few family paw-traits as well :) One thing we were really impressed by was the stability of the tripod. The legs can stay secure in a variety of positions (based on how you’re balancing your phone/camera), and once you find your position, they are super sturdy.

Perfect for selfies

And family paw-traits!

After taking it on this recent trip, we’re sold. It’s easy to pack, easy to use, and it allowed us to capture content more effectively on the road. 

If you’re in the market for a simple, dependable tripod, we highly recommend JOBY and its phone tripods. Beyond that, we’ll also throw a shout out to our JOBY GorillaPod, that has gone all over the world with us from the beginning of Traveling Newlyweds!