Old Man of Storr

The Isle of Skye: Jaws Dropped for 3 Straight Days

We had no idea what was in store for us when we visited the Isle of Skye. We decided to go there on a whim, and this last-minute decision ended up being one of our very favorite places in the world

We're going to keep this really brief and simply share a ton of photos, because the landscapes were the best part (and pictures mean a thousand words, right?). Photos don't do this place justice at all, so consider this a teaser.

Some logistics (in case you're interested):

We were on the Isle of Skye for three days. We rented an AirBnB and explored by car daily. Our highlights were:

  • Hiking to the Old Man of Storr
  • The weather... we lucked out
  • Driving the Quiraing
  • Exploring the small town of Portree
  • Our tiny house AirBnB in Staffin
  • All the sheep

For those that are planning a trip (and we really hope you do!) Cross your fingers for good weather, rent a car, reserve an AirBnB, and get over there before the secret gets out... Skye is spectacular. 

Last thing... zoom in on some of the photos towards the end and see if you can find people hiking. It gives some good perspective!