We’re travelers. We’re foodies. We’re adventurers. We’re even critics. When we arrive in a destination, it can sometimes take us hours to find what’s actually cool and noteworthy in a city. Those places aren’t always the #1 spots on Yelp - they’re the spots that only the locals or the “cool kids” know about.

THOSE are the kinds of places we love. Nothing gives us more joy than discovering the “best” that a city has to offer - and nothing gives us more anxiety or disappointment than when we land on a tourist scam.

So here we are, going out on a limb and creating our own set of guides. Because we’ve been misled far too many times - and these hidden bars and legendary coffee shops need to be shared.

These guides are not sponsored, they’re just Traveling Newlyweds approved.

Every week we’ll launch a new round of guides. So if your city isn’t featured yet, stay tuned. Chances are it’s coming. (If you’re really eager, shoot us an e-mail. There’s a lot of cities out there!)

On each guide we will share the coffee shops we love, restaurants that we’ll keep going back to, the spots with the best drinks, stay-worthy hotels, things to do (for us it’s mostly to walk off our food), pet-friendly summaries (because we love towing Sally around too), and things to avoid (if needed).

If something is missing from a guide, let us know. We’re NOT claiming these are the ONLY spots to visit in a destination, but that these are worthy.

These guides are simple. They’re authentic.

If you like our style (or just us hehe), then we think you’ll love these guides!


Our favorite spots to grab coffee


Our restaurant picks


Our favorite bars for a beer, glass of wine, or a cocktail


Our favorite things to do


Where we would choose to stay


Is this place pet friendly? Would Sally have fun?

Are t

Are there spots to avoid? We’ll mention that here (if necessary).