Three Reasons We Loved Having A Convertible in Wine Country

We recently were in Napa to celebrate our 2-year anniversary where we enjoyed yummy wine, good food, and beautiful views! We partnered with Hertz and were surprised with an amazing Mustang Convertible. While we may have not thought to rent this car on our own, we are convinced that a convertible is a must in wine country. Here are 3 reasons why… 

1. The wind in your hair feels awesome. Especially after a wine tasting or two :) Unless you drive a convertible like this on a regular basis, having the wind blowing over you as you cruise along a highway is a great feeling. As long as the weather cooperates, it is way better than just having your windows down.

2. You can get from one place to another much faster (or at least it feels like you can). We are not encouraging any speeding, but the Mustang we had was fast. We zipped around Napa and probably could have explored 7+ wineries per day. Unfortunately for us, as we have gotten older we get sleepy after 2 wineries (HA!). So our Mustang was able to quickly get us from the wineries, to a nice nap, and then back out for dinner.

3. You can soak up all the sights. Napa Valley is a picturesque area that a convertible allows you to really soak in. We enjoyed driving up random dirt roads that led us to some amazing hilltop views. Whether we were sitting in the car or decided to go for a short walk, the beauty of the valley was all around us. From the driver’s perspective, you also don’t have a hard time checking your blindspot…

For three days we drove back and forth between Napa, Yountville, and Saint Helena. Driving our convertible was one of the highlights as the trip, especially since the weather was so incredible. There are not that many other details you need to know here other than that if the weather is right, you should rent a convertible from Hertz. You will NOT regret it. One last thing… if you are going to be tasting a lot of wine, maybe don’t rent a car at all? Enjoy all Napa has to offer, but definitely be smart to not wine taste and drive!

 Happy wine tasting!