Relaxation, Wine, and Napa Valley Beauty at the River Terrace Inn

Napa Valley. Surrounded by serene views and amazing wine, there isn't much better for a weekend getaway. The River Terrace Inn is a beautiful hotel right in the heart of Napa Valley. On your next trip, definitely consider this as your home base for all Napa Valley exploration. We loved it for the location, the rooms, and the amenities.

Location, location, location. If you are flying into Napa, like we did via Surf Air, then this hotel is a short drive from the airport. It is located in the southern part of Napa and is a wonderful gateway to all the local wineries. We enjoyed driving to different wineries all day and then having the River Terrace Inn welcoming us home. There are restaurants in walking distance (head to the Oxbow Market!), and some amazing food within the hotel too!

Part of our passion for travel comes down to our love for hotel rooms. Alli is obsessed with a comfy bed, Bobby loves a great shower, and we both drop our jaws over good views. The room at the River Terrace Inn is comfortable, spacious, and checked all of our boxes in terms of a great hotel room. We slept great, the shower was wonderful, and we were able to enjoy a few glasses of wine on our terrace overlooking the river (We figured the River Terrace Inn would have a terrace overlooking the river… they did not disappoint).

Lastly, the amenities. Everybody is well aware of all the amazing wine right at the fingertips of this hotel, but there are some nice touches that make the River Terrace Inn extra special. First, they have bikes that you can check out to ride around Napa. We were obsessed. Luckily, most of the wineries were just out of our range, otherwise we may have had the bikes all day every day as we rode from winery to winery. Next, they have fun games set out in the lobby for guests to enjoy. We enjoyed a few games of checkers each afternoon! Lastly, the have a wine hour nightly where guests can enjoy different wines for free! If the bikes and checkers did not sell you on this place, trust us on the wine hour (and beautiful river views) that this place is a must!

 We had an amazing few nights at the River Terrace Inn, and we hope you give it a try in the near future. And send us an email about all your favorite wineries!