Luxury Travel Without Breaking the Bank

One of the most common questions we get is how we can afford to travel as often as we do. After replying to countless emails about this, we decided it was time to write a blog! After all, we’re here to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to travel - but we want you to travel wisely! Here’s some of our tricks and hacks for “doing it up” and not coming home broke!


This may sound elementary, but it always blows our minds how many people don't budget... And then they wonder why they don't have any money to travel! Friends, traveling is SO do-able, no matter what you are making in your 9-5! But you have to save and prepare for it. We use an app called YNAB (stands for You Need A Budget, which is appropriate) and it's synced on both of our phones. We come up with a monthly budget for food, gas, restaurants, allowances (yes, you're never too old for an allowance!), travel, etc. It's worked wonders for us, and given us the freedom/ability to use the money we saved for our next adventure!



It's no surprise that certain destinations are going to be more affordable then others. If you're wanting to head to Greece for two weeks, it's going to add up fast. Spend time researching each location; how much the hotels cost, local restaurants, activities, renting a car, etc. Know high-season for the destination, and decide what kind of climate you are looking for. Maybe you want to experience the weather your spot has during low-season... and it's way more affordable  The more prepared you can be, the better - as these costs won't come as a surprise! If there are a handful of locations on your bucket list, go through and price check each one - chances are you'll be able to spend two weeks in Panama for a third of the cost as Paris!

Casco Viejo, Panama City!

Going through the Panama Canal!

Winter in South Africa - Hotels are cheaper, weather is colder, and just as BEAUTIFUL


It's no surprise that we like to splurge. Whether it's a massage on the ocean or a fancy dinner at the best restaurant in town, we try to splurge on one or two things each trip. Or there might be a five star hotel that we've dreamed of staying at, so we'll stay somewhere affordable for the majority of the trip, and then the last two nights we'll splurge. Splurge every once and a while... you won't regret it. 

Helicopter over Cape Town? Yes, please!

Always choose a convertible.

Huge bucket list adventure!

View from the sky!

One of the most colorful places we've ever been... San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Some couples adamantly don't like to share, but we are not one of those couples - especially when we're traveling!!! One of our favorite things to do in a location like New York City where our restaurant list is endless, is "graze". We'll start at a bar where we will each get a drink and SHARE an appetizer. From there we'll head to another spot where maybe we'll SHARE a salad and an entree. From there maybe we'll take a walk to the next spot, where we'll SHARE something else, and then maybe hit up one last spot to SHARE a dessert! We end up hitting up most of the hot spots, trying some of the best food in the city, and not breaking the bank. You might say we're professional grazers!

Sharing an appetizer while "grazing" during our first night in Rome.

The birthplace of the Pina Colada... San Juan, Puerto Rico.



"You Only Live Once" = YOLO. And we live by this motto. At the end of our trips, more often than not, we end up going over our budget. It's inevitable. But you know what? We always make it work, and we never regret it!! So budget and save to the best of your ability, and then don't forget to YOLO once or twice too. Because hey - you only live once!!! ;) 


Happy travels!

Hiking the Cinque Terre with beautiful Vernazza behind us!

Robe life...

... is the BEST life!