We’ve been married for almost 3 years now, and can 100% agree with all of the saps out there that every year it gets better. But you know what has impacted our marriage most of all? Travel!

Over the past 3 years we’ve gone on 4 cruises, 8 road trips, and we've explored 13 different countries together. Every trip has challenged, inspired, and strengthened our marriage! We whole-heartedly recommend all newlyweds (or not!) to travel… it’s done amazing things for our marriage! 

Here’s why:



Travel forces you to get vulnerable, fast. There's nothing quite like sitting side-by-side on a 14-hour international flight and then landing in a foreign country, jet lagged, smelly, and hangry. (Come to think of it - that must be where the term hangry comes from!) We've learned each other's travel quirks, and they surprisingly speak truth into our daily life as well. Alli doesn't do well with crowded, uncontrolled places. Bobby needs to always have a snack nearby. And for both of us naps are ALWAYS a good idea. While traveling together isn't always a walk in the park (although we do like those), we learn more about each other with each trip we take. We've come to appreciate our differences, and never go to sleep upset. Because who wants to travel with a cranky pants?


There's no getting around it. Traveling forces you and your partner to meet in the middle. Whether it's deciding where you're going to eat for dinner, where you're going to stay, or if you should walk or take a taxi... it's all about compromise. We've had some of our biggest arguments over silly differences of opinion, and it only takes about two hours for us to realize it's just not worth the fight. Even if it means walking up ten flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.



Things go wrong when you travel. It's bound to happen. You might miss your flight or lose your wallet. You might even eat bad sashimi and spend a good 24 hours on your hotel's bathroom floor! (Happened to us.) Regardless, these chaotic situations have become some of our favorite memories! We've learned to accept, grow, and laugh about the sometimes painful travel experiences. 



There's something so beautiful about being so vulnerable. Traveling has bonded us in such a way, that we've come to truly accept each other for who we are. We've seen the good, the bad, and the really ugly - but we love that. With that love and acceptance comes a freedom that is liberating. It makes candlelit dinners in Tuscany, long walks in a Parisian market, or zip-lining through the Panamanian rainforest THAT much more romantic.

The past three years have been a whirlwind, filled with countless memories we'll never forget. Through all of our travels we've learned that it doesn't matter what our geographic location is, as long as we're together. So get out there and explore the world with your partner... and invest in a good pair of earplugs while you're at it. Just in case. ;)