The Happiest Tour on Earth - Meet Adventures by Disney

Us talking to friends and family:

“Guys, guess what! We’re going to Ireland with Disney!”


Their responses:

“Wait what?”

“Do they have a Disneyland there?”

“Like on a cruise?”

“Does Mickey lead the tour?”

“But you don’t have kids!”


To be fair, we had never heard of Adventures By Disney either - and initially had a similar response. (Up until we got the itinerary, Bobby thought we were going on a cruise!) And while Disney does have a cruise line, (that we have yet to experience - but we’ve heard great things!) Adventures By Disney is something entirely different.

Imagine going on a trip to a country you’ve always wanted to visit (Ireland), and all of the logistics are taken care of for you.

  • You stay at the nicest hotels (even a castle!)

  • You visit the best museums, monuments, historical sights, etc, and you do it all away from, or before the crowds.

  • Everywhere you turn you’re learning about the history and culture you’re experiencing from your local guide who’s with you the whole trip (Stephen can you learn about the whole world and please come on every trip with us?)

  • Simultaneously, your personal concierge is handing you snacks, water bottles, sunscreen… you name it. He knows your needs before you do (Landon, you are a master of logistics, snacks, and stories - we need you).

  • Every time you venture to a new location, your luggage is handled for you. You arrive at the next hotel (or castle!), and your luggage is already in your room.

  • You never have to worry about renting a car, driving on the opposite side of the road, scheduling your itinerary, etc.. It’s all handled. Every little detail.

  • AND… you’re eating the best food in the country, at the coolest local spots (like a castle!! Sorry, we still can’t get over it). And you’re dining with all of the new friends you’ve made.

Honestly, we could go on and on… but you get the picture. Having traveled to Europe numerous times, and always on our own, going with Adventures By Disney (from now on we’ll refer to as ABD) was the ultimate treat.


Speaking honestly, we were worried that being on a tour might frustrate our wanderlusting, adventurous selves, or that traveling with a group of 30 people might get old. But friends, we loved every minute of it.


The ABD crew does a phenomenal job planning these trips itineraries - and here’s why. They send several scouts to each location to find not only the best local guides in the area, but the best places to see. Then they figure out the best times to see them, the best ways to avoid the crowds, the best local places to eat and explore, and the best way to pack it all in one trip. The result? A fast-paced (but also relaxing) adventure that leaves you smiling ear-to-ear, ten pounds fatter (SO many snacks!), feeling like a local expert, with a million memories and a couple dozen new best friends.


Can you tell we LOVED ABD?!?


While we’d love to go through our Ireland Itinerary day-by-day, this blog post would quickly become 20 pages long, so we’ll save that for another day. (You can check out the detailed itinerary here)


In closing, we’ll leave you with a highlight reel of our trip. ABD does trips for families, and adult-only. Another couple on our Ireland trip did an ABD adult-only tour for their honeymoon and had a ball. So whether you’re a family of four or planning your next adventure with your significant other, we highly recommend Adventures By Disney. Their trips range from a weekend in New York City to a 12-day adventure in China! Whatever your interests are, we guarantee there’s something for you. And we guarantee you’ll be hooked like we are. Now we just have to decide which ABD adventure to go on next!!


(Ireland day-by-day with Disney blog coming up next!)