Squashing Those "In-Flight Fears" With Alaska Airlines

It goes without saying that we fly. A lot. 

Whether we’re flying domestic or international, we’re some of the few that actually really enjoy air travel. We love the thrill of arriving at the airport, checking our bags, and exploring the terminal before we take off. We get a kick out of people watching, catching up on magazines, and having a glass of wine while we watch reruns of “Friends” on the plane. But we realize we’re not normal. 

For MANY people flying on an airplane is matched with anxiety, stress, and fear. That fear literally hinders millions of people from exploring the world - which breaks our hearts! We get emails all the time from couples that want so desperately to travel but have reservations when it comes to flying on a plane. Today we’re going to talk about our most recent experience in the air with Alaska Airlines, in hopes that we can calm some of those fears, as: 

  1. Flying truly is one of our FAVORITE parts of our trips
  2. Choosing which airline you travel with makes all of the difference



One of the worst parts of flying can be the check in / boarding process. People pushing each other in line, disorganization, carry-on bags rolling over your toes, etc. We’ve seen things get scary. 

However, we can honestly say that EVERY time we have flown with Alaska the check in and boarding process has been quick, easy, and orderly. Their systems are flawless, the check-ins are efficient, and the ticket agents are extremely accommodating and friendly. Which leads us to our next point…



We really can’t say enough about the incredible Alaska Airlines staff. (Shout out to Holly!) They are truly the kindest, most helpful people we’ve met in the skies. We’ve seen them bend over backwards to help their guests, they have the best senses of humor (seriously - they’re always laughing!), and they are so thoughtful in every situation. 

We just returned from a trip to Costa Rica with Alaska, and when the attendants heard that it was Alli’s birthday, they surprised us with a tray of champagne, chocolates, and pilots wings!! We have NEVER seen that kind of attentive behavior from another airline! Before we can even say a word the attendants are there to re-fill our drinks, offer us snacks, or make sure we’re comfortable. When you fly with Alaska it feels like you’re flying with family. And we love that.



The food on Alaska Airlines is GOOD. Whether you’re flying first class or economy, you won’t be disappointed. 

On our way to Costa Rica we flew economy, and decided to share one of the famous “snack trays” we’d heard so much about. Inside was chips, hummus, crackers, almonds, olives, dark chocolate, and more! It was filling, delicious, and HEALTHY. We liked it so much that we ordered another!!

On our flight home from Costa Rica we flew first class, and were blown away by the food and service. We drank delicious wine, had a fresh and tasty salad, stuffed roast beef with mashed potatoes, and a TDF (to die for) strudel dessert with kiwis. IT WAS SO GOOD! We’ve had some pretty questionable airplane food in our days of travel, but this folks, you just can’t even compare. We’d order it at a restaurant!!



We repeat, THE CHAIRS ARE COMFY. This is huge. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long flight. Alaska takes pride in their fleet, and it shows. No matter where your seat is on the plane, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. It’s roomy, pleasant, and every seat comes with an outlet to charge your phone! Beyond that, the “Alaska Beyond” In-Flight entertainment is solid. We were able to watch some of the new releases we’d been dying to see, and even play some of our favorite card games! Alli was actually SAD when the announcement came on that the flight was almost home! She didn’t want the trip to end!!



We arrived home from Costa Rica raving about Alaska to our friends and family, and we haven’t stopped! From the check-in process to the customer service, to the entertainment and “comfort factor”, we really could not have had a better experience. We were too busy having fun to even begin to stress about “in-flight fears” and we know the same would be for you! Alaska, thank you for making our trip to Costa Rica so enjoyable and stress-free. We can’t think of a better way to begin and end our vacation!


And for those of you that have a fear of flying, we hope this blog opens your eyes to how much fun air travel can be. We challenge you to book a flight with Alaska and see what a difference this airline can make - and then let us know your thoughts!! We have a feeling you’ll be obsessed too. ;)

Thank you to Alaska Airlines for sponsoring this post!