Why We Roll On (Four-Wheeled) Spinners

Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of us start with what we’re given. When we were younger, all we ever used was duffle bags. At some point, we matured and graduated to a two-wheeled carry-on. It seemed like the BEST thing ever compared to having your bag on your shoulder, and for about twenty years, both of us never thought to change things up. But then we came across Delsey Paris, and we realized we have been missing out on the 4-wheeled revolution. Over the past year, we’ve swapped out all our luggage for a fleet of Delsey bags, including the ChateletTitaniumShadow 3.0, and Bastille Lite (our current favorite). While we are huge fans of the style and durability of hardside luggage, that isn’t the purpose of this blog. Here we want to share with you why we are convinced that 4-wheeled spinner cases are the way to roll.

Disclaimer… Four wheels vs two wheels may seem like a super random blog post. And it is. But we can honestly say it makes all the difference! And we aren’t business travelers that travel weekly, so we don’t claim the following to be true for everyone… but this is what WE have found :)


Pulling with the wrist vs. pushing with your body. First off, it really just feels easier to push your suitcase by your side as you walk rather than pull it. Assuming you have good wheels (Delsey bags are SO ridiculously smooth), pushing the bag really feels effortless. If you have bad wrists/shoulders and a heavy bag, pulling it all around the airport will eventually cause a sore wrist/shoulder. Pushing a slick four-wheeler really is as effortless as it gets! 

The 360-degree maneuverability is a game-changer. It really is the main reason why we love these bags so much. These bags allow you to quickly bring it in front of you if you need to go through a narrow opening or turnstile. Think about how many times the line to deplane is held up by somebody who’s two-wheeler can’t fit down the aisle. Glide a four-wheeler sideways, and that will never be your problem. When you hop on the subway/train, the four-wheeler can efficiently move into small open spaces.

(We will say that there are times you do need two-wheels, like bumpy or uneven surfaces where gliding along side of you won’t be ideal. Not a problem, because you can lean it on to two-wheels and advance through the difficult terrain with ease.)


If you’ve never had the four-wheel experience, trust us and take one for a spin! Because why settle for two wheels... when you can have four?