Laguna Beach Engagement Spots

Bobby and Alli here from Traveling Newlyweds, and we're so excited to be sharing our top ten favorite engagement spots in Laguna Beach!


Let's be real. Getting engaged is a BIG DEAL. You're asking your partner to spend the REST OF THEIR LIFE with you!! The future of your relationship rests in this one, pivotal, life-changing moment. But no pressure or anything.


This is exactly why picking the PERFECT engagement location is so crucial! It's a spot that will forever be engrained in your hearts, a spot that you'll continue to return to on anniversaries, and a spot you might even bring your kids to someday!


Laguna Beach has some of the most engagement-worthy places of anywhere we've ever been to. From stunning lookout spots to beautiful beaches to iconic hotels - you're sure to find the perfect location to ask those four big words... "Will you marry me?" Below are our top 10 picks (starting with southern Laguna and working our way north), and we encourage you to scope them out for yourself and decide if one is worthy of that big, life-altering moment.


1. Table Rock Beach: Table Rock is one of the most beautiful and iconic small stretches of beach in Laguna. It's a small, secluded cove with cliffs on both sides. There's a really great chance you'll have this spot with few onlookers. You could propose on the sand, the rock formation in the middle, or even up on the cliffs that look over the beach. You really can't go wrong in this picture-perfect location.


2. Treasure Island: Treasure Island is a small beach located just south of the Montage. We like this spot because it is a pristine stretch of beach, that is 100% engagement worthy. We love walking along the park above the beach, and the beach itself (complete with the coolest tide pools!) is epic as well. And did someone say celebration drinks at the Montage?!   

3. Which leads us to... the Montage: There's no denying that the Montage is one of the most beautiful resorts anywhere. The main lobby opens up to a big balcony with stunning views of the pool and the ocean. It's one of our favorite places to watch the sunset and have a glass of wine... and getting engaged there would be pretty dreamy. Why not start with surprising your significant other with a weekend here, and pop the question during the best weekend of your life?! (Until your wedding day, that is!) ;)


4. Ruby Street Park: This is our personal favorite. Ruby street park is truly one of Laguna Beach's hidden gems. (So don't tell too many people!!) Tucked away between two houses, you meander down a narrow path that opens to a small deck overlooking the ocean. There is only one bench to sit here, with just enough room for two. We often stop here at sunset with our fingers crossed that we have it to ourselves, and more often than not we do! If you're looking for a very intimate, private engagement location - this is it!

5. Pearl Street Beach: We love this beach. It's beautiful, easy to access, and the perfect place to take your significant other for a "causal" walk on the beach. Distract them with the amazing tide pools and then boom! You're down on one knee. They'll never see it coming!! 

6. Top of the World Park: Something different for those of you that may rather be hiking than having sand between your toes. Top of the World has an array of trails and lookouts that boast dramatic 360 degree views. On a clear day you'll feel as though you're flying - especially once you're ENGAGED!


7. Main Beach Park: If you don't mind a very public engagement, this very well could be your spot. We love this iconic stretch of beach, and can only imagine how epic a proposal on the boardwalk could be! Followed by engagement photos by the famous lifeguard tower?! You're welcome!! ;)


8. Heisler Park: Heisler park is another one of our favorite oceanfront parks. It boasts perfectly groomed gardens and lush palm trees atop a stunning, green bluff that looks down on various coves. There's a very romantic gazebo that looks over Main Beach - and on a clear day, all of southern Laguna. You can pop the question here, or if you're feeling crazy, obtain a permit and get married in the Gazebo!

9. Shaw's Cove: Small. intimate, and picturesque. This is a beach, similar to Ruby Street park, where you're off the beaten path and most likely in for a very private and secluded engagement. This would be a PERFECT spot for a romantic sunset proposal! 


10. Crescent Bay Point Park: Once again, another hidden gem that overlooks the ocean. Laguna is FULL of them!! Crescent Bay Point park is also lesser known and less crowded, and it provides amazing views. This is another spot where you can get engaged or get married... or BOTH!

This may be our top ten list of engagement-worthy locations in Laguna Beach, but we really have barely scratched the surface! We encourage you to take some time to explore and find your favorite spot. It may be a stretch of beach or park that we mentioned, but maybe it's something else! One of the best parts about where you get engaged is that it is YOUR STORY. 


Choose wisely, as it is a moment that will be remembered forever. But then again, planning a wedding can be stressful, so don't stress too much about this. Do something that fits your relationship, have fun, and savor it! And then comment below and tell us ALL about it. :)