The Pros HEAVILY Outweigh the Cons for South African Airways, Trust Us.

Spoiler alert... there are no real cons. 

We recently had an INCREDIBLE trip to South Africa, and are dreaming of the day we can head back. We flew there on South African Airways, and wanted to take some time to share the pros and cons of this airline with you. Let us see if the pros outweigh the cons, and if we can get you to book a trip with SAA for your next great adventure.



-SAA has been voted the “Best Airline to Africa” by various leading travel publications. SAA stands out among it’s competitors, and makes you feel you are flying in style. Because they are a large airline, they are able to have the fastest routes to their destinations in Africa. It is a LONG journey to Africa, and flying non-stop from the U.S. is the best way to do it. SAA will take you non-stop to Johannesburg from both New York and Washington D.C.

-The food is delicious, they have a great wine selection, and their entertainment system is stocked with movies, TV, and games.

-They take you to South Africa. How obvious of a Pro is that? We’re sorry, but we just have to drive this point home. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From Table Mountain, to Stellenbosch, to Boulder’s Beach, there are so many magical places to visit there.

-The lounges are LEGIT. We had the opportunity to do some serious lounging during our time flying with SAA. In New York, we loved the lounge where we could sit with mimosas and watch the planes take-off. Their JFK lounge was quiet, uncrowded, and was a great stopover before heading to South Africa. When we landed in Johannesburg the first time we had a short layover before heading to Cape Town, so we spent some time in the SAA Domestic Lounge. It was hip! Great coffee and atmosphere! We spent the majority of our time (probably more than 12 hours during our whole journey) in the SAA International Lounge. We were obsessed. An awesome selection of food and drinks, a marvelous place to shower, and La-Z-Boys. Yes, that’s right, La-z-boy recliners. We spent hours reading, indulging in snacks, and sleeping in these chairs. Those chairs may have been our favorite part of lounge life. With so much time spent there, there were some stretches where it was pretty crowded. SAA has done a great job designing this lounge with multiple rooms and partitions, so even when it is busy it feels quiet and private. All in all, SAA has a strong offering of lounges that makes traveling more comfortable and adds to the luxury of your vacation.

-Lounge life continues on the plane… While we’ve already talked about the planes, the leg room on SAA has to be mentioned on it’s own. SAA has the most legroom in Economy Class of ANY airline to Africa. So even though we weren’t able to get in Business class, Bobby’s long legs were able to fit comfortably.

 So there are 5 Pros. How about some Cons.



-Unless you are moving to South Africa, you’re going to have to leave eventually.

 -The plane ride from the USA to South Africa is long. Let’s be honest, it’s a really long flight. But we actually didn’t really care, because we had a great time on our flight. But we just figured we should acknowledge it is a long ride.

-After flying SAA, you will be disappointed if you fly any other airline to Africa. South African hospitality is a real thing. South Africans are so friendly, warm, and hospitable that no other airline will be able to come close to your experience with SAA.

-Did we already say that you have to leave South Africa?

The pros heavily outweigh the cons for South African Airways… trust us. Do yourself a favor and book with SAA today!