A Home Away From Home - Royal Suites Punta de Mita

Have you ever traveled to one of those places that instantly felt like home? When you know right away that you’re somewhere special, somewhere you HAVE to go back to someday? That’s how the Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium Hotel Group was for us. From the moment we stepped through the doors we knew this property would have a special place in our hearts. Little did we know JUST how amazing this boutique all-inclusive would be!

The staff was phenomenal. Everyone knew our names. Not only that, but they knew our favorite drinks, how we liked our eggs, and continuously went above and beyond to ensure our experience was top-notch. Special shout out to Claudio, who excels as their wedding coordinating mastermind. And Rusbel, who made us our favorite mezcal concoctions! And Cesar, who taught us how to master the art of making sushi! Okay, we could keep going, but we won’t. While we were extremely sad to leave such a stunning location, we were just as devastated to leave the staff that we came to love so much!

The room was so cozy. From the big, soft bed to the jacuzzi tub and private balcony, our room was a welcomed haven and retreat - even if just for a nap and some pre-dinner room service! ;) Because the Royal Suites are adult-only, we never had to worry about loud kids or disturbances coming from our building. It was quiet, peaceful, and serene. We slept SO well!!

Everything was convenient and easy. Whether it was lounging at the pool for the afternoon, taking a stroll along the beach before dinner, or exploring the Palladium’s zoo (that’s right. They have their own ZOO!!), everything was accessible and only a short walk away. Even if we wanted to take a taxi into town, our trusty butler would call a taxi for us and we could be there in no time! Life at the Royal Suites is effortless and peaceful… just as it should be!

Our last night at the resort was spent at their Mexican restaurant, drinking mezcal, eating chips and guacamole, and sharing memories from the weekend with our new friends. We found ourselves getting emotional - we weren’t ready to leave! There was so much more to do, see, and experience! We can’t wait to head back to the Royal Suites and be reunited with our “family” again!